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Full Version: Aquaman: De-Marvelized Edition:
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Aquaman: De-Marvelized Edition:

I watched this in theaters with my brother and we couldn't stop laughing at how bad it was. Just as you are getting invested, the movie says or does something dumb/cringe-inducing. Now, through very incisive cutting, it makes for a much more even experience!

Now, fear not. This isn't a person trying to make the movie dark and depressing so that it feels more like part of the Snyder-verse. Not at all. The movie is still a fun, high action adventure film. It just feels more focused and tonally consistent.

The color correction reigns in the color a bit which I was apprehensive of at first because the movie shines in its big, bright spectacle. However, even though it's darker, I never felt like you were choking the life out of the picture. It still looked cinematic and comic booky; just with a slightly more mature tone. If I had to compare it to another DC movie it would be something like the tone of Wonder Woman.

There was one spot where I could notice a harsh audio cut but I can't remember exactly where it was. Other than that, it's seamless.

Well done!