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Full Version: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
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Most anticipated TV-Series for me after The Mandalorian.

[Image: D7GQ6QiWwAAUuDq-1024x684.jpg]

[Image: D7GQ8d7W0AAt7R9-1024x683.jpg]

[Image: D7GQ_QPWwAEWf9J-1024x684.jpg]

[Image: D7GRLm0X4AAPLA7-1024x684.jpg]

[Image: D7GRNSmUIAARoCJ-1024x684.jpg]

[Image: the-dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-photo-1086456.jpg]

[Image: the-dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-photo-1086455.jpg]

[Image: the-dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-photo-1086454.jpg]

[Image: the-dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-photo-1086453.jpg]

It looks exactly as the original movie (some character faces are more "refined" tho)
That looks flipping amazing. Wow, and apparently according to video comments the director (same director as Incredible Hulk which is whatever) is really against using CGI on it.
My body is ready.
I'm so glad it's all puppets, I was really afraid when they first announced the series that it was going to be a CGI nightmare.
First full trailer. (well teaser, but it shows a lot)

They've got the look down to a tee. I hope they venture out a bit though, rather than just using locations and creature designs we've already seen from the film.
Just watched the trailer. Wow. I felt like a kid again. This looks beautiful.
Looks great. I like how they've used CGI to open the periphery of the world, while keeping the focus on the oldskool puppets.
My father is super excited for this, and I'm happy for him. I suppose I should revisit the original film.
The original Dark Crystal was a beautiful, visually stunning film with amazing puppetry and a haunting score by Trevor Jones. The movie also unfortunately had too little plot and paper-thin characters.* I have to imagine that the Henson company has learned from both the praise and the criticism of the original work, and this is a case where the follow-up may be better than the original. (In fact, there was a long-planned movie sequel that ultimately never happened, which suggests to me that they're not just slapping something out there, but waited until they had the right scripts.)

Debuting it on Netflix is a win-win. People who might be too skeptical to try a new Dark Crystal in the theaters will probably give this a shot since it's already a part of their streaming service anyway. And right now, Netflix has a way better standing in the industry and in the eyes of the viewing public than network TV, cable or direct-to-video. So this is the right way to premiere this.

Yeah, consider me excited.  Smile

*I've often thought of -- but have yet to get around to -- an edit that takes the "Story of Star Wars" approach to the material, using the read-along book and record to give you the whole plot in less than 15 minutes set to the beautiful visuals, puppetry and music of the movie.
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