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Full Version: HBO's Watchmen 2019
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A teaser trailer has just been released for the new Watchmen series by HBO. They had already said that it isn't going to be an adaptation, which us made obvious of the trailer, but I have no idea if it's going to be an alternate universe retelling, or some kind of sequel. The teaser gives no hints as to what the plot is, which I suppose is good. 
I'm not sure what to think of the teaser. The Rorschach cult is weird, and I wonder how it will be handled. It's also worth noting, there's a pirate flag in one shot, which could hint at a Black Freighter element?
While the teaser looks interesting, I'm not really looking forward to this. 
I don't think I've enjoyed anything written by Damon Lindelof from beginning to end. I don't expect to be impressed with his stint as showrunner. Though, I hope they prove me wrong.
I'm trying my hardest to be open minded and positive about this, but I really expect it to be baaaad. The last HBO production I watched was their adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, and that was...not good. Of course, it's obviously more about the people behind it rather than the company, so I can't judge based on that. I will try to look into the people behind it's other works.
I read that it's a story set in our current time, in a world where the events of the graphic novel occurred as depicted in the graphic novel.

So essentially it's a "sequel" to the book, but only seems to be so in the sense that, say, the first season of Fargo is a sequel to the movie Fargo - same world, different time period.
I think Watchmen is a particularly poor choice for an adaptation because it is such a postmodern meta-text on the comic book medium, and so fully dependent on medium specificity and the intertext for its effect. And I say that as neither a fan of the comic or of comics in general.
Well, this isn't an adaptation, it's a sequel/side story/whatever you want to call it. And there's nothing that says they can't use the Watchmen universe to tell a different story that is itself a postmodern meta-film/series on the superhero film/show medium.

Honestly, I think this is a great time for a new, modern take on the idea behind Watchmen. Assuming they do, in fact, use it as a commentary/deconstruction of modern superhero films and TV series much how the original comic was a commentary/deconstruction of contemporary superhero comics.
I feel confident in saying that Alan Moore will wholeheartedly approve of this idea.
If this is a sequel, then I'm excited.
Is it a remake of Watchmen? Is it a prequel or a sequel? Maybe it'll be a sequel reboot: a sea-boot, a soft sea-boot. Or is it a Soft Sequel Sea-boot Reboot Prequel?
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