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Full Version: Robots VS Kung Fu: The Matrix Grindhouse Edition:
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Robots VS Kung Fu: The Matrix Grindhouse Edition:

Robots vs Kung Fu is really good.

It isn't perfect. It has some akward edits due to the story, and is really akward in some places. I don't mind. All of these come from the boldness of the idea, and the glee of seeing something so different with something we know. It has great style and genuinely builds an identity seperate from the matrix.

I come back to RvKF a lot. The reason for that has to be the soundtrack. Matrixgrindhouse found music which fits the movie better than its own. I'm so glad for the isolated score audio track The scene where neo fights Morpheus in the dojo I could watch on repeat.

Feels weird to say, but I can't wait for the sequel!