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Full Version: The Umbrella Academy
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Anyone watching this? I just checked Netflix today and all the episodes are available (in the US). I'm through part of episode 2 and am enjoying it, never read the comic it's based on. It seems heavily influenced by X-Men, maybe it's saying something about the dynamic between X-Men characters, I'm not sure yet.

Here's a trailer or two:

Darn, I got excited that this was some sort of gritty reboot of "Under The Umbrella Tree".

Everytime I hear the name, I think it's a Resident Evil show, and everytime I remember what it actually is I get disappointed. For the record, I'm not a Resident Evil fan, but that's because of the game play. I'd totally watch a show of it. Oh, and I suppose I should check out the movies.
This has gotten completely off topic.
Ok, anyone want to talk about the show?

I'm enjoying the music a lot. The first episode has some of my favorite Phantom of the Opera music covered, it was an interesting choice and sounded beautiful
(02-15-2019, 07:07 PM)addiesin Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, anyone want to talk about the show?

I'm enjoying the music a lot. The first episode has some of my favorite Phantom of the Opera music covered, it was an interesting choice and sounded beautiful

I am four episodes in....

The music soundtrack, which I am loving, definitely elevates the show and injects some freshness/uniqueness into an otherwise, so far, standard superhero tropes story.   We have seen/read this formula before (Heroes, Terminator, etc) but there are enough new wrinkles and twists, that I am enjoying the story.

I appreciate that there is no explanation or set up of the world's rules, that you are just dropped into a comic book world where robots and talking apes exist and expected to go with it.  

It has made me curious enough that I may have to order the trade paperback collection to read the original story.
I’ve just finished the series and really enjoyed it. Certainly not perfect but I’m very interested to see where they go with it next. The soundtrack was fantastic- those licenses must have put a big dent in Netflix deep ockets!
I have two episodes left and I'm really enjoying it. Though as off the wall as a lot of it is, I find I'm only surprised by about half of the intended surprises. The rest I  think you can see coming.

The guy who plays Klaus might be my favorite. He was in the best season of BBC's Misfits with a thick Irish accent and yet here he's convincingly American, with an emotive performance, at that. Impressive. They also eventually give his character some depth and hint toward cool possibilities I imagine will pay off in later installments.

No spoilers here, though!

What is it with apes?
Finished the series today -- thank the comic gods I already read that it had been renewed for season two or I would have been really pissed with the cliffhanger ending.

Actually, I am a bit still annoyed... do we really need season cliffhangers anymore?  It's frustrating because the season long arc you have invested in has no satisfying closure and the characters (who are all great) are so dysfunctional that whatever growth they experienced feels for naught.  In other words, the final episode pay off is unrewarding.

Despite this, an enjoyable season.  The producers have kept many things about the characters and the world they inhabit purposely vague, so there is lots of room to grow and explore.  Their version of the Dark Phoenix trope (as was Buffy btw) was better executed than in movies.  In fact, this show plays with many tried and tired comic tropes, trying to give them a fresh spin.  In some areas they succeed, in others they fall short.  I think the series might have felt more energizing if it had been more oddball and fantastical, instead of going the more grounded reality route.

The winning element of the series is of course the soundtrack and musical numbers.  They are wonderful.  Honestly, I kept hoping the characters would break out into song and full on La La Land style dance routines. 

I would give this freshman season a 7, but the music bumps it up to an 8 out of 10 for me.  Big Grin