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Full Version: Lord of the Rings, The: Book IV - The Journey of the Ringbearers:
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Lord of the Rings, The: Book IV - The Journey of the Ringbearers:

I left a little longer review for Part III - the short version is that Kerr has fixed a horribly broken movie.

Faramir - FIXED! Jackson utterly destroyed this character. He's supposed to be like "Aragorn-lite," with a remnant of the old wisdom trickled down to "normal" men. Jackson turned him into "Boromir-lite," when he is truly supposed to be almost an antithesis of Boromir.

The cliffhanger ending - FIXED! Tolkien basically gift-wrapped and handed an edge-of-the-seat cliffhanger to Jackson, and Jackson fumbled it by putting it at the beginning of the next movie! Kerr has put it back into its rightful place and man, does it work!

Just taking care of those two egregious errors had me smiling throughout, aside from numerous other, smaller fixes.

I'll add this from my Part III review: I realize that I'm writing as someone very familiar with the books and I'm happy to finally see something close to them on the screen. It's hard to say whether someone who hasn't read them would be able to follow or not - but I rate this one superb and have been recommending it to the LOTR book lovers I know.

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