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pull off the glasses, rip open the shirt and leap into the sky....

My Top Ten FAVE SUPERHERO TV Shows....

10.  MISFITS OF SCIENCE (1985)  The Doom Patrol saving the world from an ice cream truck lol. A single season kooky fun adventure show mostly famous for stunt casting the cutie girl from the Dancing in the Dark music video... I wonder what ever happened to her?  A lost gem that deserves a dvd release.

09.  STREET HAWK (1985)  The man, the machine, the Tangerine Dream soundtrack!!!  Some very slick night time cinematography and a cool soundtrack elevates this above much of the standard tv fare of the time, but sadly this show did not get the ratings and was cancelled after only 13 fun episodes.  But it did get a loving dvd release from Shout Factory.

08.   LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (2016-present)  The screw-ups of DC Comics unite to protect the Timeline!  I went in hoping for a Justice League show but got something completely unexpected... a show that embraces the wackier, goofier, sillier side of DC comic books but never treats it like camp and never loses respect for the characters or source material.  

07.  DAREDEVIL (2015-1018)  Dark.  Brooding.  Bloody.  It's Frank Miller time!  A slow burn character drama that dives deep into Daredevil lore with marathon explosions of violence.  Like all Netflix Marvel shows, it has commitment issues when it comes to fully embracing its comic book world, but DD is by far the best executed series of the bunch.

06.  SUPERGIRL (2015-present)  A super hero show with a social justice agenda... some hate it, I applaud it.  It's execution is often awkward or does not go far enough, but at least it tries.  But in the end, it is the characters and their relationships is what keeps me tuning in every week.  I am a sworn life long fan to the Superman mythos, and this show is a more than worthy addition to the ever growing legend.

05.  THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (1981-83)  One of the most catchy tv theme songs that actually became a billboard hit!  William Katt plays a very liberal special ed teacher, who after receiving a super suit from aliens (and then losing the instruction book) teams up with a right wing FBI agent played by tv legend Robert Culp; together they embark on weekly episodes filled with social and political satire and commentary.   Though as a kid, all I picked up on was fumbling fun super heroics lol.

04.  ARROW (2012-present)  The show that launched a massive shared tv universe!  The best stunt action show on televsion hands down!  What they accomplish every week on a tv budget is mindblowing.   Over the last seven seasons the show has evolved and expanded from a lone vigelante revenge show to a full on comic book team show.   His name is Oliver Queen and he has not failed his city!

03.  SMALLVILLE (2001-2011)  No flights.  No tights. Despite these restrictions and many seasons of rollercoaster quality, this show has remained dear to me.  It showcased the live action premeire of many DC heroes and delved deeper into Superman mythology than any incarnation before or since.   It featured a Metropolis lifted right out of the comic books, the most perfect Lois Lane to date, and the legendary romance of Lois and Clark was deftly dealt with and stole my heart! 

02.  THE FLASH  (2014-present)  The most comic booky show EVER!  Superpowers!  Masks! Capes! Rogues!  Perhaps the most likeable cast of all the Arrowverse shows, I keep tuning in because I love hanging with these characters, who in turn all respect and support each other rather than similar shows where the heroes all keep secrets from each other.  It is just such a FUN show that clearly loves and embraces it comic book origins.

01.  THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Faster!  Stronger!  Better! Seeing this at age five or six, it was like seeing a comic book brought to life before my wee little eyes!  And not only was the hero bionic, but he was an ASTRONAUT!!!!  The greatest job in the univese!!!!  Lee Majors became my first hero after my only my father.  I had the toys.  I ran slo-mo with my friends in the school yard! I was a member of the fan club.  I had an autographed picture!  I was and am, a huge bionic fan!  And while I never had a cool leisure suit, I did preordered the Times Life collection the first hour it went for sale online.  I have watched every episode multiple times, and unlike many childhood shows that do not survive the transition to adult sensibilities, this series still makes me smile and cheer.  Some heroes never die.
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(02-06-2019, 10:30 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]01.  THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Faster!  Stronger!  Better! Seeing this at age five or six, it was like seeing a comic book I ran slo-mo with my friends in the school yard!  Some heroes never die.
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I used do this all the time as a kid haha (still do now if truth be told  Big Grin)


I forgot THE INCREDIBLE HULK from my Top Ten list!!!

And Wonder Woman!  And the Bionic Woman!!!

Cursed are we for living in a golden age of super hero tv!!!!! Tongue

Seriously though, THE INCREDIBLE HULK was....well... incredible!

Legendary tv writer/producer Kenny Johnson took the Fugative formula and crafted a thoughtful, character rich episodic series.  While it was not comic book accurate -- no General Ross, no Betty, no super villains -- it was highly entertaining.  This version was so impactful on general pop culture that it was highly influencial on the Marvel movie starring Edward Norton.  And while Lou Ferigno got most of the buzz for playing the Not So Jolly Jade Giant, it was Bill Bixby's amazing tragic and sympathic performance that kept us 70s kids tuning in each week.  The show also had the beautiful and haunting piano score "Lonely Man" that broke your heart everytime you heard it.   A true tv classic! Big Grin
My grandmother's husband is awesome, a huge Beatles and comics fan. He owns a majority of the Hulk TV series on DVD, though he struggles to watch it nowadays because his kids pointed out how dated it looks. Anyways, I borrowed the first two seasons last time I visited. I really need to get around to watching them.
(01-28-2019, 08:00 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]My Top Ten Fave SCI-FI Shows....
(clarification, my definition of Sci-Fi are shows that are in space/future and/or feature aliens or robots; sci-fi does NOT include shows that feature magic or supernatural, completely different category for me lol)


09.  STARGATE ATLANTIS (2004-2009) Great cast, great action and a wonderful balance of drama and fun.  Damn you MGM for letting it end on a cliffhanger!

08.  STARGATE SG-1  (1997-2007) I literally watch this show everyday!!!  Seasons 1-8 epic goodness.  Season 9-10, still good but too villain centric.  If only MGM hadn't collapsed, we might still be watching Stargate to this very day, along with the planned big screen spin off movies.

Hope springs eternal... Big Grin
It's 6am Saturday morning, time to tip toe downstairs, grab a bowl of ceral and sit down on the floor in front of the television and do the dial dance between the three networks....


10.  SUPERFRIENDS (1973-1986)  Simplistic animation and storytelling, but the only game in town... many different variations over the years, but the best is easily Challenge of the Super Friends featuring the Legion of Doom!!!

09.  DARKWING DUCK (1991-92)  Hilarious spoof of dark vigilante heroes like Batman and the Shadow lol!

08. (it's a tie!!!) DYNOMUTT THE WONDER DOG (1976) ansd HONG KONG PHOOEY (1974)  I am a love child of Hanna-Barbera cartoon age, and these goofy dog heroes were pure awesome sauce!

07.  X-MEN (1992-97)  Best version of Marvel's merry mutants to date.  Sadly the animation goes down hill in its last season.

06.  BATMAN BEYOND (1999-2001)  Completely unexpected and surprising sequel to Bruce Timm's game changing Batman series!

05.  SPIDER-MAN (1994-1998) Break thru animation for its time, huge epic multi-part stories and adaptations of some of Spidey's most legendary adventures.

04.  SUPERMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES (1996-2000) A near perfect adaptation/update of the Man of Steel mythos!

03.  JUSTICE LEAGUE/UNLIMITED (l2001-2006)  The glorious peak of the Bruce Timm animated DC universe!  

02.  AVENGERS EARTHS MIGHTEST HEROES (2010-2013)  If any show could challenge Batman for the cartoon king crown, this is the one.  Excellent art design, great voice cast and amazing adaptations of many Marvel pinnacle stories.  But then Disney bought Marvel and cancelled it, only to replace it with the vastly inferior Avengers Assemble.

01.  BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES -- what needs to said that hasn't been said hundreds of times before?  It changed cartoons forever and raised the bar so high it has seldom been met or surpassed.
...of course there ara myraid of cartoons beyond just super heroes....

My Top Ten Fave CARTOONS TV Shows:

10.  LAND OF THE LOST -- ok, its not a cartoon, but it was essential viewing in 1974-75.  For a kiddie show with a small budget they tackled some big fun concepts!  

09.  SPACE GHOST -- before he was turned into a joke with Coast-to-Coast, he was a noble hero protecting the animated spaceways.  Again, some very cool design work.

08.  HERCULOIDS --cool alien family battling various threats, I just love the animation stylings of Alex Toth

07.  THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN -- It's title sequence grabbed me immediatly, showing the apocolypic destruction of civiliazation... unheard of in Saturday morning fare!  Comic legend Jack Kirby contributed many design concepts to this fun series.

06.  JOHNNY QUEST -- wow, this show was so cool when I was six or seven.  Full of action and dasterly villains, it was like James Bond for kids.  I tried to buy this on dvd, unfortunately many of the episodes have been edited for political correctness. 

05.  ROBOTECH -- Discovered this one in high school, just when I thought I was "too cool" for cartoons... never seen anything quite like it before.... from it's unique animation style, adult themed drama and violence... it was quite an eye opener.  Though to be honest, I only enjoyed the Macross portion of this three generation saga.

04.  FLASH GORDON -- the 1979 rotoscoping cartoon was a wonderful faithful blend of the Alex Raymond daily strip and the old matinee serials.   Season one was amazing.  Season two was a dumbed down mess.

03.  THE FLINSTONES -- I would rush home from elementry school everyday to see what misadventures Fred and Barney would get themselves in.  Laughed hard then, still laugh hard now.  Timeless.

02.  SCOOBY DOO WHERE ARE YOU?  There have been dozens of Scooby Doo cartoons over the decades, the first set the standard for all others.  Still love this cowardly great dane, and continue to watch each new interpretation and the direct to dvd movies.

01.  THE BUGS BUNNY ROAD RUNNER HOUR --wonderful memories of watching this every weekend with my Dad, both of us laughing so hard that tears would roll down our cheeks.   All ages comedy gold!
(02-10-2019, 07:42 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]My Top Ten Fave CARTOON SUPER-HERO Shows

08. (it's a tie!!!) DYNOMUTT THE WONDER DOG (1976) ansd HONG KONG PHOOEY (1974)  I am a love child of Hanna-Barbera cartoon age, and these goofy dog heroes were pure awesome sauce!

Had to give you a like just for liking Hong Kong Phooey. Wow! Been a minute since I saw that. You didn't mention Inspector Gadget or Wheelie and The Chopper Bunch on either list. And what about Grape Ape, Huckleberry Hound, and Speed Buggy? And didn't you just love that little chicken hawk in Looney Toons? Or Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweety or Foghorn and Leghorn?
Bob's lists here are very fun and insightful to read.
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