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Full Version: True Detective - Season 3
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Three and a half years later, True Detective is back. So far the new season has been good, episode 3 airs tonight. Creator/Writer Nic Pizzolatto pretty much went back to the Season 1 format, having the main detective recall the facts of an earlier case that "they got wrong" but this time around there's an extra layer of flashbacking. In 2015, retired detective Wayne Hays is interviewed by a True Crime Show about a missing children case from 1980 and how the case was re-opened in 1990.

Mahershala Ali is fantastic. Seriously, this guy is one of the best working actors today. Stephen Dorff plays his partner, detective Roland West, with Scoot McNairy as the father of the missing children.

Fingers crossed that this doesn't go downhill like Season 2 did.
The ONLY thing I liked about Season 2 was Vince Vaughn and his storyline. 

So far, this new season has been fantastic and has drawn me in like season 1 did. Likeable characters, intriguing way of telling one story during three different eras and did I mention likeable characters unlike season 2?  I can’t wait to see where it goes and the ride that it takes us on.
Can anything compare to Season 1? That's a tough act to follow which is why we were disappointed with Season 2.

Big Grin
Season 3 is over and I loved (almost) every moment. In my book it's on par with the first season. I was worried that the main character's dementia was leading up to a big twist that would have pulled the rug out from under itself, but thankfully Pizzolatto knew better. Detective Roland West may not have felt any closure, but I loved how the story unfolded. Highly recommended.