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Full Version: Keeping Womble Alive
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Hola friends,

So, I had a bit of a scare this morning. Womble, which was working fine as always last night, abruptly crashed, and then wouldn't open again. I restarted the computer, nope. Uninstalled and reinstalled Womble, nada. Womble hasn't been updated in years and I don't think my Windows 7 had changed recently, but I ran a System Restore to a point two weeks ago, and that seems to have solved things - for now. And now I've saved this Restore Point.

My question is, then, does anyone have any advice for how I might protect Womble from here on out? I know it's not a well-respected program, exactly, but I'm in the middle of a large Womble project I'd hate to lose (and don't intend to redo in any other program), and I generally don't want to let to let it go one bit. With luck, this'll be a non-recurring random blip, but, thanks in advance for any info. Smile  

(Also, does anyone know if Womble works in Windows 10?)
[Image: tenor.gif]

Someone else still uses Womble?

I can't help with your situation, but Womble works great for me on Windows 10.
^ Good to hear! Here's hoping that was a freak glitch that won't happen again, then. Tongue