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Full Version: Beyond The Phantom Edit : A Critical History and Practical Analysis of Fan Edits
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This is interesting. Someone wrote a dissertation on fanedits for their degree in Film and Media Studies last year.

Looks like it's the same person who wrote this article.
Oh cool I know that guy. Thanks for the link.
Thanks for the link! His reference list should be a great resource for all things fan edit-related. 

Posts by , and are mentioned somewhere in the thesis, as per the reference list:

Boon23. “In the Spotlight: Dawn of the Fanedits.” September 2, 2009.

L8wrtr. Discussion forum comment. “Phantom Editors Revenge of the Sith?”  March 15, 2010.

Reave. “FE<3OT,” September 16, 2011.

(11-04-2018, 02:24 PM)Neglify Wrote: [ -> ]Oh cool I know that guy. Thanks for the link.

He mentions you in the Acknowledgements, as well as L8wrtr, and reave!
It's funny to see usernames in a bibliography.