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Full Version: Spline Morph/Artificial Slo-mo
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Had an idea that might be helpful for others. 

For years I've known of these tools that can Morph from one still image into another, then render a video or still images of the in-between new frames. Like the covers of Animorphs books. Always thought it was cool, but never thought of a good use for the tool. Until now.

Sometimes while editing you just don't have enough footage, since we're working with commercially available finished cuts and not raw footage straight from the shoot. So in case a shot must be extended for whatever reason, many editors use built-in time stretching tools that can make video look choppy or jittery. 

"It can't make new frames". But you can. Just about any spline morph tool will allow you to add reference points. If you place enough you should be able to create a convincing solid frame between two other frames. Repeat for the whole sequence to get double the frames. Repeat between original frames and new frames to make another generation of frames. The work will be tedious and manual but conceptually simple enough for anyone to try. 

Has anyone tried this (and compared with After Effects or Premiere)? The stills might end up looking kinda weird but in motion it will likely look far more natural than traditional slow motion settings in consumer software. You wouldn't use it for dialogue, but things like quick action shots, head turns, pans, etc.
After Effects does have this built-in. If I figure out a workflow that won't take forever and will give good results I'll post a guide.