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Full Version: 13 Reasons Why
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Hey, I just finished watching the second season of this, and I wanted to talk about it on this website because I think it would be great if a fanedit was made, condensing the second season down to a 2 hour follow up film.

There are lots of great ideas, scenes, and performances in the second season, perhaps even surpassing the first in terms of themes and storyline. But it struggles to justify it's existence, and a lot of the time it just drags on. Also, there is the infamous scene at the end which leaves a cliffhanger for a third season, which will be completely disconnected from the original story.

Has anybody on here seen this series and do they like this idea?
I thought the first season was pretty good for the most part. The acting wasn't always very good and it was a little on the nose thematically from time to time but overall I found it engaging. I watched it with my daughter and it led to some very good conversations (she suffers from depression and has self harmed). At the time last year she was with her mother sometimes which was unhealthy so this show was a very good conversation opener, so to speak. I was very disappointed when I saw they were returning to Hannah Baker again for season 2. I would have preferred if they covered a whole new story about shit teenagers unfortunately have to deal with. I haven't watched it yet, not sure if I will. I thought her story was told and I'm not terribly interested in another season on the same story, about whether Bryce will face consequences. It's just not compelling to me, and if he does then it's unrealistic, anyway. On top of that, the scene at the end you're talking about was spoiled for me (thank you, think piece article titles in my news app) and it doesn't make me want to watch. I think a whole season about a school shooting would have been a better idea. More people would have been mad, I guess, because some people don't like art about ugly realities. They'd prefer to continue to ignore their existence. Anyway, if I'm off base about the second season, please let me know.