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Full Version: Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Recut:
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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Recut:

what can I say, again? Thank you SoboFilms, and thank you all you guys in this community.

When I watched the movie I was dissapointed: There was too much of everything in this movie, very untidy, things that felt out of place, and there was too much that I disliked.

I however loved the visual style of this movie and the key moments worked for me, and felt there was an awesome movie hidden in there.

So, I was eagerly waiting for a skilled faneditor to turn out, and make a different cut that did not throw away the main story in this movie, but one that rescued it, and made it stronger. This is what SoboFilms has achieved here in my opinion.

SoboFilms' work is terrific, there is not one single idea I could suggest to improve it. I love the story now, I love the acting, I even like Rose!!

Luke's acting and place in the story feels great now, Snoke's demise is a very necessary step for Rey and Kylo, and all the final scene is superb... I don't know what to say.

Maybe this: with this cut of the movie, now I feel this movie is only second to The Empire Strikes Back in my order of preference. This is up there. A great Star Wars experience.

Technically the addition and cuts are all seamless, maybe I just felt a bit weird cut when Rose and Finn are waiting to be executioned by Phasma's stormtroopers. Only that. But after all the work Sobo went through to remove Del Toro, this seems like a minor detail.