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Full Version: Back to the Future: The Reality Cut:
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Back to the Future: The Reality Cut:

If u haven't watched this edit spoilers alert

As my favourite movie is Back To The Future Part I it made This edit even more fantastic!!

I haven't seen the original edit by MovieJim yet hopefully get to see it soon.

The way you've removed the swearing is great and changing it to different words like holy jeez and stuff. Doesnt bother me.

The ending cracks me up how Marty dies from getting hit from Lorraine's dads car (I'm guessing that's from the original MovieJim version of the edit) How in the credits it says Emmett Brown Dies from a head injury and was later discovered that he had fell and hit his of the toilet after standing on it to place a clock this made me and Sinbad both chuckle.
But all in all this edit great the edit is fantastic and I can't wait to see moviejims edit too i suggest everybody to watch this edit.