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Full Version: Covers and Criterions by Dugnutt
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I've been making a few covers for my own and other edits, so I thought why not make a thread. 

Here's a Criterion-styled cover for 's Star War's Revisited to start off

[Image: 11zDfoi.jpg]

It's still a work in progress as I need to add some text on the back spine box thing. Not sure what to put there, but suggestions are welcomed.
Using the criterion style is proving to be a popular art choice
I can see why, it looks very neat and tidy. Its a good asthetic
Here's one for Empire Strikes Back, haven't put anything in the Special Features bit yet as I don't think he's released the disc yet. Also need to figure out what to put in the box bit. 

[Image: EO2y06Q.jpg]
Here's one for the eventual Return of the Jedi Revisited

[Image: Vcr5f58.jpg]
Great covers! I really like what you've done with the Mcquarrie art.

For the text, how about:
Quote:Adywan is dedicated to creating the best version of the original trilogy of Star Wars. He is a passionate Star Wars fan, geek, and all around awesome person who wants to achieve what the Special Editions should have done. You can see more at and
Alright, here is what is a finalised version of the SW:R Criterion. 

[Image: UdSN6SB.jpg]

Next cover will most likely be for one of my favourite fanedits and the one that showed me that I could make a film better myself with just a computer.
One of the greatest fanedits ever created, Jack and Jill Extended Edition by  

[Image: aG075IR.png]
On your SW: Revisited cover there are some minor typos (you said should of unstead of should have). Other than that, it looks very good.
Awesome. I did make that one in HD, but I don't know if the actual BD-25 was ever fully assembled and uploaded.
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