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Full Version: Sinbad Wins February 2018 FEOTM
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This is the discussion thread for Sinbad Wins February 2018 FEOTM. Post away!
No surprises there Wink

Congratulations,  !
Congrats to Sinbad. That edit was some sweet badniS Smile
Aww thanks guys what an Easter present, well done to all the others in the competition this month (a lot of people owning the source obviously favoured me a bit with the voting spread) I am really honoured.Thanks to all those who voted for me Smile I will be having a celebratory beer or three later!!! Big Grin
[Image: 27jd1b.jpg]

But in all seriousness, congratulations on the win.  Wink
I haven't left a review yet since I still have three episodes left to watch, but I have immensely enjoyed this so far, down to the overly revealing "next time" bumpers. 
Congrats Dad
I think you deserve some of the credit son for all your mistake checking!
(04-01-2018, 08:46 AM)Hal9000 Wrote: [ -> ] down to the overly revealing "next time" bumpers. 

Guilty as charged Big Grin
So... when's season 2 out? Wink
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