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Full Version: New Release Fanedits
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With "The Last Jedi" there are a number of people producing fanedits. This is great news for the fanediting community, however we do question their sources. While we are confident everyone here is sticking to our Own the Source rule and buying digital copies since the physical version isn't released until March 27, there is always the possibility some are using an illegal source.

Because of this concern we are instigating a new policy for newly released films when it comes to fanedits. Fanedits made of a new film (ex. "The Last Jedi") will not be accepted until 15 days after the physical media version is released. So in the case of our example, no fanedit of "The Last Jedi" will be accepted before April 12. This is for two reasons: it ensures people aren't rushing to release their edit and creating mediocre fanedits, and it gives us some peace of mind that people will continue to adhere to our rules.

Update (3/25/2020):
Faneditors may post example clips of their proposed edits after the movie is officially released to own on digital. This does not include any movie that is pre-released via Theater in Home/Video On Demand or rentals.

Simplified Guidelines for edits of New Releases:
  1. Edits must remain in Ideas or ITW for at least 15 days after physical release before being submitted to the academy/IFDB
  2. Examples/clips can be posted in ITW threads when the movie is officially available to own on digital
    1. you must be able to create your source file, no piracy allowed
Brilliant. A smart move. AND it's a clever way to tell eager-beaver faneditors to have patience and take their time with their editing.