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Full Version: New Donation System
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We have updated our donation software. If you would like to make a one time donation or a reoccurring donation, you can now do so through our donation system. Click Donate in the top menu. Donations are done through PayPal. Donations are as follows:

Reoccurring Monthly Donations
$2 - Bronze Donor
$5 - Silver Donor
$10 - Gold Donor

Annual Donations
$20 - Bronze Donor (save $4 on monthly)
$50 - Silver Donor (save $10 on monthly)
$100 - Gold Donor (save $20 on monthly)

With your donation you will automatically be bumped to the proper donation usergroup and get a cool donor badge. You can also rub it in everyone's faces that you are helping keep the site alive. Smile

If you want to cancel your reoccurring donation at any time you will have to do it through your PayPal account. For annual donations, you will be notified a few weeks before its set to expire so you can make a new donation if you like.

It should go without saying, but by donating you understand that we don't have some secret site that gives you access to download fanedits. Donations are strictly to help with the continued support and development of this site and nothing more. All donations are final and no refunds will be issued.
Thanks to all the awesome people who have donated through the years. It goes without saying that hosting and running isn't free. The staff usually bears most of these costs, especially , but we've had some help from very generous forum members. Thanks everyone for helping us keep this site alive.
I should also note we will be going through the backlog of emails to see who has donated recently and if you're in the window of our new donation system you will be added to the appropriate group.
^ yes. We've started doing this, but there are still some we are probably missing. If you have donated recently, and do not have a donor badge applied, feel free to send us a PM and we'll get it set up.
Did it last night, I'll give this thread a bump to encourage others, this site is golden happy to contribute.