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Full Version: The ARROWVERSE (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends,etc)
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With a new season only weeks away, I was thinking maybe it was time to consolidate the various Arrowverse shows into a single thread?

These fun shows have become so integrated with each other... characters (both heroes and villains) crossing over between all shows.... it is perhaps the best onscreen shared universe created.

And today, the next four show cross over was announced....
[Image: DCTV-Crossover_CVR-FNL_9215b15d-600x923.jpg]

Poster inspired by comic covers of the classic JLA/JSA team ups...
[Image: latest?cb=20070608135237]

In the comics, Earth-X is a world where Nazi's won WWII.  Considering some of the headlines this past year, this could be a relevant topic.  Plus, it looks like the crossover will feature the wedding of Barry and Iris.   Hopefully this cross over will be better executed than last season's INVASION, which started out strong but was derailed somewhat by ARROW's 100th episode.

looking forward to upgraded flash suit that is consealed in ring
Flash season four... 

Arrow season 6

dc legends of tomorrow  season 3

Supergirl season 3
(09-22-2017, 05:58 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]With a new season only weeks away, I was thinking maybe it was time to consolidate the various Arrowverse shows into a single thread?

Hm, not sure I agree there. I myself watch The Flash shortly after it airs, but save LoT for the smoother connection on Netflix. Arrow I gave up on long ago, with the highly praised S5 tempting me not at all, and after Supergirl didn't grab me in S1, several of you suggested I jump straight to S2, though the seeming consensus there is that after starting out strong, that season seriously fizzled - as in, maybe it never got terrible, but it certainly didn't become great, either.

I still enjoy Flash, for its character dynamics if nothing else, but I've become pretty darn sick of Wally and his awful suit mask, and even without a speedster Big Bad, I don't know how much longer its running-in-circles shtick will keep things afloat. Of the bunch, only LoT really seems to take risks and blaze new paths, much like Agents of SHIELD over on ABC. And it sounds as though all the non-LoT Arrowverse shows have too many costumed heroes, at the expense of normal, everyday characters. Hell, now that there are three speedsters on Team Flash, the show has to make up regular excuses to keep at least one of them out of the picture, so as to not overwhelm any and every possible threat, and that's getting old.

Bottom line? Yeah, the crossovers are fun, but I wonder if the shared universes don't ultimately do more harm than good. I'm not sure it's a coincidence Arrow started going downhill when The Flash hit the scene, with Barry theoretically able to solve all of Ollie's problems in a day or two, and then The Flash started sputtering when LoT started up, with that team theoretically able to stop Barry's problems from existing in the first place!

Such are my Arrowverse thoughts. Take 'em, or... well, you know. Tongue
(09-23-2017, 12:03 AM)Gaith Wrote: [ -> ]Such are my Arrowverse thoughts. Take 'em, or... well, you know. Tongue

You have many valid points my friend, though my feelings are sort of the opposite... lol.

For me, LEGENDS continues to be the weakest of the four current shows.  I agree, it is easily the most ambitious of the Arrowverse shows, even if its reach exceeds its grasp most times.  Each episode usually has one real Cool-Wow Moment.  It certainly has a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe to it, with humorous emphasis on our Legends misfit/screw up qualities which is a nice departure from the other series.  But for me, it continues to be the most sloppily written series too.  Every episode I watch there is always a scene where I go "What The Frak?!?!???" LOL  7/10

Like you, I continue to love THE FLASH for the same reasons... fantastic character dynamics.   Season 3 had some misfires.... Flashpoint was not developed enough.  I agree, the Big Bad Savitar plot was mishandled.  It might have worked better if the Evil Barry reveal had happened much earlier in the season, allowing the show to explore that aspect more.  Though I loved the season wrap up, until the last 5 minutes.  After all Barry sacrificed to save Iris, he seemed way too willing to go into the Speed Force.   But season four sounds like the producers have listened to fans concerns, and are making some smart course corrections. 8/10

ARROW completely redeemed itself this past season for me.  I have nothing really bad to say about it.  It reasserted itself as the BEST stunt/action show (sorry Daredevil) on TV.  The new Team Arrow brought some much needed freshness and explored the concept of inspiration and legacy.  Prometheus was an excellent Big Bad.  The Island flashback have finally (thankfully) come to an end and connected nicely back to the pilot.  I thought the cliffhanger season ender was unneeded and a bit too 90s for me.  But otherwise a stellar character rich season. 9/10

SUPERGIRL I loved this past season.   I thought using it as a platform for many of the topical social/poltical issues the world is currently enduring was a brilliant move on the part of the writers.   Alex's journey was heartfelt and truthful.  The romcom dynamic between Kara and Mon-el was excellent.  The introduction of Lillian and Lena Luthor, replacing Max Lord, was another smart move and increased the dramatic tension with the Cadmus subplot. And the show introduced the BEST Superman since Chris Reeve!   I admit, the Jimmy/Guardian plot line did not entirely work for me.  And the final two part season wrap was perhaps the weakest episodes of the entire season as it felt too rushed, with the final solution and sacrifice feeling half baked. 9/10

Quote:[size=small][font=Raleway, sans-serif] And it sounds as though [/font][/size][size=small][font=Raleway, sans-serif]all [/font][/size][size=small][font=Raleway, sans-serif]the non-[/font][/size][size=small][font=Raleway, sans-serif]LoT [/font][/size][size=small][font=Raleway, sans-serif]Arrowverse shows have too many costumed heroes, at the expense of normal, everyday characters.[/font][/size]

Actually, this is one of the aspects of all the shows I love!  I grew up reading and worshiping DC comics, thus seeing these character brought to life is pure joy for me.   And the producers are smart, even though they wear costumes, they are still well crafted and complex characters, with problems like normal people (well  If superheroes existed, it makes sense they would inspire more costume heroes and would interact with them.  This is one of the main themes that runs through Arrrow, Flash and Supergirl... inspiration and responsibility to those you inspire.  And yes, all the powered shows find excuses for our heroes to either not use their powers (LEGENDS is by far the most guilty of this) or not be involved in a villain show down, but superhero comics have been like this since the dawn of time.  Just like how a heroes powers and abilities seem to fluctuate depending on the writers' plot.   Its a trope you have to learn to roll with in this type of genre. Big Grin

But for me, never enough costumed heroes!!!!  
[Image: cw_dctv_poster_by_timetravel6000v2-dbecpmi.jpg]
...I'll have fries with that.   Tongue

[Image: cw_dctv_poster_by_timetravel6000v2-dbecpmi.jpg]

Goodness, keep that abomination of graphic design away from me!

I gave up on Arrow when Season 3 ended, Season 4 seems to be exactly what I thought the show would devolve into. Apparently S5 is really good, so I may give it a shot and just skip S4, but I don't know if I can handle seeing Felicity's stupid face once more.

I got bored of Flash in early Season 2 when it became apparent it wasn't going to be much more than a run-of-the-mill monster-of-the-week show. The villain was another speedster that wanted to be the fastest man alive. Then I get to Season 3 and I turn away from it completely. Really? Savitar? Seriously? And yeah, the s3 twist is even more obvious than the s2 one. If Season 4 has a main villain that isn't a speedster, it'll be the best one yet by default, but I still won't watch it. I practically had the beats of each episode mapped out before they started. Villain introduced. Barry gets cocky. Barry gets comeuppance. Meaningless spat between characters. Barry investigates. Spat continues. Minor plot point for next episode brought up. Barry tries to take on villain. Barry fails. Iris reminds Barry that he has to run. Barry runs. Villain defeated. Spat resolved in a neat bow and never brought up again.
I spend a lot of my time watching Flash, looking at my phone, and yet I somehow miss nothing.

Legends of Tomorrow is fun, purely for the historical setting of the week, which allows for some difference in plotlines. It still hits all the usual beats, but usually they're minor and no way near as ham-fisted as Flash. However, for a historical show, it has about as much historical accuracy or authenticity as a Mel Gibson movie. The "Confederate Zombies" episode was a laughable one for me, with it's... strange interpretation of the times. Some random slave recognises a heroes' necklace is from the Zambezi region? Because her... ancestors were from the Zambezi? Wait... what? The writers know what Africa is right? They know how awkward it would be to get slaves from the Zambian basin? Probably not. They just thought "Ah fuck it. West Africa? Zambia? Same thing. See? They even have a country that sounds like Zambia in West Africa!" If they were talking to slaves in Brazil, maaaaybe I'd buy it, but Confederate slaves? Also they might as well have made General Grant turn water into wine, they were glorifying him so much.

Also, while I'm ranting. THEY HAVE GEORGE LUCAS IN AN EPISODE. And it is such a lazy performance, I'm a little stunned. Like. Guys, you have video of George Lucas speaking. George Lucas is STILL FUCKING ALIVE! Yet they have the actor just... act nothing at all like George Lucas in any way.

Supergirl was ok, I guess. Only real groan-worthy moment for me was hearing "Girls Wanna Have Fun" in the background of like one scene. Otherwise, it's pretty bland, inoffensive, CW-smut.

i always hear this when i see the flash running
Okay, I don't even have any personal fondness for E.T., but LoT's "Phone Home" was still an engine of pure delight from start to finish. And bringing back Agent Antarctica from the "Invasion!" crossover was inspired, though maybe his hair should have had a few gray streaks by that point? Though the premiere was something of a letdown after the promise of the cliffhanger, it wasn't at all bad, and the show's epic winning streak continues.

[Image: Phone_Home.jpg]
Dear Legends of Tomorrow, I love you, you're perfect, never change.

Meanwhile, Flash's writers are leaning their full weights on their switchboard's Comedy button, and the results thus far have been pretty great. They took my advice and finally sent Wally packing, to boot! He isn't even on the Crisis poster, is he. (And, while I'd hate to lose Tom Cavanagh, I'm not quite sure just what Harry brings to the table at this point, either.) Like I said, I didn't dislike Flash S3, but the new direction and tone was absolutely the right call.

And though I'm still not tempted to return to Arrow, whose plots I've read about sounds pretty darn dull, I'm glad to hear Olicity is back on, and that Merlyn is indeed apparently dead - not that Barrowman wasn't awesome, but he had nowhere to go, and had stuck around too long as is.
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