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Full Version: The Empire Strikes Back is Out NOW!
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While casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a news banner image from the "Star Wars Revisited - The Saga" page that said the following:

12TH AUGUST 2017"

As far as I've always been aware, this Facebook page is a legitimate source of news for Adywan's edits. If I'm incorrect, someone please let me know.

I checked Greenwich Mean Time, and at the time I'm posting this, it's 3:50 p.m., meaning that the movie will be available in a little over 2 hours. 

Adywan's groundbreaking Star Wars: A New Hope Revisited came out in 2008, so this has indeed been a long time coming. 

Hopefully, some of us will be able to get a copy before Adywan's servers crash from so many people trying to download at once!

"This will be a day long remembered." -- Darth Vader
55 minutes and counting....
(08-12-2017, 11:06 AM)theryaney Wrote: [ -> ]55 minutes and counting....

I think you're going to be disappointed by an hour.
lol yeah it is an hour and a half. 

Probably can't download it anyways with thousands excited.
(08-12-2017, 11:38 AM)theryaney Wrote: [ -> ]lol yeah it is an hour and a half. 

Probably can't download it anyways with thousands excited.

I'm assuming it will be well seeded by tomorrow on that body organ site.
I don't have an account though on that certain organ.
The FB page says it's available *now,* and provides links! I'm on my phone so I can't link the message. Just go to the FB page to see it.

If the servers crash, maybe the people who do manage to get it can list it on the new request form.

This is an exciting day! Am I right, folks? ☺
It is indeed.  Very good news for all of us, Star Wars fans and faneditors.
Got it going on jdownloader. Says one hour.
How exciting. I'm going to celebrate by watching some episode V tonight.

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