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And I'm glad it doesn't follow the Genesys branding. I was afraid we were going to get Echsodus and so on right up to Revilashion!
Tuhmuhnatur: Duturanami
A teaser has been released.

It's a pass from me.
That looks way better than I expected
Cautiously optimistic with this cast and crew. Trailer isn't particularly inspiring but not off-putting either.
I guess it wouldn't be a Cameron produced Terminator movie if it didn't bring back liquid knife arms.
Unfortunately, this looks as messy and convoluted as Genisys did... hope I'm proved wrong, but it didn't do much for me
there's supposed to be some CGI of young Linda Hamilton, Arnold and Edward Furlong used on body doubles.
I understand that Arnold will eventually pass the baton to  new characters
Desperate attempt to make something work as a franchise that really never should’ve had a sequel storywise. T2 worked for me, but it wasn’t necessary and I’m still mad at the marketing for spoiling the movie before anyone saw it.
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