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All hail Linda Hamilton, giver of zero effs! Just watch how she replies when asked how Dark Fate is, at the five-minute mark:

She passes it off as a joke a (long) moment later, but... I see you, Ms. Hamilton. I see you.  Cool


So Tim Miller has said: "The things they seemed to hate the most about the movie, were things I can't control. I can't control you didn't like Genysis or you felt betrayed by Terminator 4. I can't help that." Maybe not, Tim, but you didn't have to show the future war in daylight as Salvation did, and you didn't have to overload the second half of your movie with just as much meaningless, OTT action noise as Genysis. And Carl is pretty much Genysis' Pops 2.0 - as much as I enjoyed the character, you didn't have to do another cuddly Arnold, assuming you were required to include him at all. (He could have played the human T-101 template, for instance, which due to the Sgt. Candy scene being cut from T3, has never appeared on the big screen.) It can definitely be argued that to bring Linda Hamilton back but keep Arnold around is to miss a great opportunity to emphasize her return even further.

As for the future war, I've been thinking that surely the night battles of T1/2 don't make logical sense - wouldn't human bodies be much easier to spot with infrared (which Reese mentions in T1) at night? So surely humans would be better off fighting during the day, when they themselves could see - and yet the flash-forward nightmares of night fighting is vastly more atmospheric and cinematic. It's one reason to show the future as little as possible, to avoid getting caught up in that paradox. Indeed, the scene of future Dani winning over the murderous drifters was meant to be a key dramatic moment, but it was just weak.

(In Cameron's original T2 screenplay, much of the human army that ultimately prevails over Skynet is South American, from regions not as hit by the Cold War nuclear targets, which is why the American flag in T3's flash-forward is so out of place. Dark Fate finally brings a Hispanic flavor to the future war proceedings with Dani, but still falls short in that regard...)
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