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Full Version: Interesting and unusual DVD/Blu-Ray releases (News)
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But will it contain an HD remaster of the true vision?

^ What the hell is that? Big Grin

[Image: 81rQP8KnLrL._SX522_.jpg]

'Berlin Alexanderplatz', Fassbinder's 15.5 hour TV movie set in the Weimar Republic is getting an HD release from Second Sight (Region B):

I rented the first disc of the old DVD set years ago from LoveFilm and found the visual quality poor, so never watched the rest. I'd be very curious to see this upgrade.

It's Limited to 2000 copies only and includes a 60-page book. It's pricey at £55/$75 but the limited print run might make this a good investment, if nothing else.
(12-02-2017, 06:36 AM)TM2YC Wrote: [ -> ]^ What the hell is that? Big Grin

Romero's co-writer filmed a bunch of new scenes for the movie for the 30th anniversary, to universal critical rejection.  I've never actually seen that version, but I'm sure not gonna pass up a chance to remind people of its existence for a laugh.
[Image: woodfall-films-disc-packshot-2017.jpg.jpg?itok=IvaN4kfw]

Eight 1960s "kitchen sink drama" films (2 versions of one of them) and 6 newly remastered for this boxset. 4 are in the BFI's "Top 100 British films ever" list and the other four are Palme d'Or, BAFTA and Oscar celebrated movies. So it's an all-killer, no-filler collection but at £80, it's expensive. However, it's good value when you notice Criterion are releasing just two of these new 4K restorations for about £60. Shame the boxart is a bit rubbish.

- Look Back in Anger (Tony Richardson, 1959)
- The Entertainer (Tony Richardson, 1960)
- Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Karel Reisz, 1960)
- A Taste of Honey (Tony Richardson, 1961)
- The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Tony Richardson, 1962)
- Tom Jones (Tony Richardson, 1963) (New 4K digital restorations of the original theatrical version of the film and the 1989 director's cut)
- Girl with Green Eyes (Desmond Davis, 1964)
- The Knack...and how to get it (Richard Lester, 1965)
shout factory is releasing a collectors edition
 of wild at heart

bonus features include
  • NEW Interview With Novelist Barry Gifford
  • Extended And Deleted Scenes (76 Minutes)
  • Love, Death, Elvis And Oz: The Making Of Wild At Heart
  • Dell's Lunch Counter: Extended Interviews
  • Specific Spontaneity: Focus On David Lynch
  • Lynch On The DVD Process
  • Original 1990 Making Of EPK
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Image Gallery
plus a rolled poster featuring the new artwork

[Image: WAH.BR.Cover.72dpi.png]
(03-28-2018, 10:27 AM)jswert123456 Wrote: [ -> ]shout factory is releasing a collectors edition
 of wild at heart

[Image: WAH.BR.Cover.72dpi.png]

Already have mine on pre-order. I really hope this has the uncensored head explosion.
im hoping the deleted/ extended scenes have been properly restored
and not just a repeat of the lime green box set from years ago
Rick Wakeman's Prog score for the 1925 Silent Lon Chaney 'Phantom of the Opera' has just been released on DVD for the first time (plus 2xCDs). Intro by Christopher Lee, score synced to restored copy of the movie, plus a (no doubt) witty Commentary-track from Rick.

[Image: 51sDGXrAysL.jpg]

OooOoooOOOoOoOoO - I had no idea he did a score for it. Being a Yes fan, this definitely intrigues me.
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