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Full Version: The Blacklist - Anyone watching the series?
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Hi there! The Blacklist is coming back next September 22st with season 4. The show focus on the life of both Raymond Reddington, one of the most dangerous criminal of the world, and Elizabeth Keen, an special agent working with the FBI.
At the beginnng of season 1 i thought it was pretty much like CSI, Homeland or any other policial stuff. Actually, it is, but the history and relationship between Raymond and Elizabeth is just wonderful.
Anyone out there watching the show?
Sadly, it got too formulaic after a while and during the early part of season 3 I got tired of Elizabeth, who I find to be the weakest and most ANNOYING character of the series, so I had to stop watching.  The more that was revealed about Elizabeth's past the more turned off I actually became.

It was a STELLAR series when it began, but that is due to the awesome performance of James Spader. of the best on the telly.