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Anyone else watching this one?

I DVR'ed the first 2 episodes and watched them last night.

The previews made it look like it had a X-Filesy flair w/ the FBI investigating paranormal events.

While I wasnt blown away, I felt it was a solid enough beginning w/ a few hit/miss scenes.

I loved the old scientist "Walter". The lead "Olivia" seemed capable but needs to tighten up her acting. The guy "Peter" was the one I had the most hit/miss with. He is essentially the comic relief and while it works well, his delivery is too formulaic - he always chimes in with a quip thats just too "written" and he comes off as a douche. anyway, he needs some work.

The stories were interesting enough although require a great deal of suspension of disbelief.

In short its basically its a less plausible, more over the top x-files. I know thats not too flattering sounding but thats the best I could do.

what say you?
To be honest, they tried so hard to cram "A JJ ABRAMS TV SHOW!!" down out throats that I was sick of it before it even aired.

That coupled with the fact that the first episode was just kinda "Meh" means I won't bother again.
Saw the first episode. DVR'd the second. I wasn't totally blown away, but I'll give it a chance. John Noble from Lord of the Rings is always fun to watch as someone teetering on the edge of insanity. Glad to see he got another gig after Journeyman was canceled.
i've seen a few episodes now, and while the content is interesting (and john noble as "walter" is as well) i don't think this show will last. it just lacks chemistry and well thought out subplots to keep the show going.
Its a good show but dawson creek in freaken annoying, a couple of episodes ago they finally gave his caractor a reason to identify with his father and if the writers actually expand on that to grow his caractor then it might get better
I've watched the first 5, because here in the UK Sky has only shown 5 so far. I'm a bit lukewarm about it. Nothing particularly outstanding about it and then again nothing that bad about it. It's building up this 'Pattern' thing slowly but not adding much to it with every episode. It seems that Denethor-Steward-of-Gondor/Walter has done just about everything, the main woman character is bland and Dawson's-Creek-dude just kind of stumbles through it all. As it stands, I don't think I'm going to bother watching the entire series.
On a separate rant, it really annoys me how series are all planned in 5-year stints. Why can't a series last a single season any more?
Fringe has been a grower for me - didn't particularly like the pilot, the blatant ripoff of the X-Files titles, the female lead or those big chunky location titles that no-one seems to walk into.

It has however seemingly improved. Walter is fantastic and easily the breakout star here. Anna Torv - meh, she's OK and Pacey(that's who he was in Dawsons Creek) has always been a fairly strong actor - although he's Pacey again here but older. Ironically enough, on AintitCool - they're blessing this as the best thing last year....hmmmm, wouldn't go that far....
I've been watching since the beginning and love it. I hate waiting until April for new episodes.
I have watched 4 episodes now and it seems it is getting lame...
i felt the same way. it was ok but not enough for me to tune in each week. I will give it another chance when the dvd gets a release.
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