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I like this a lot (six episodes in). It's silly, and it seems the actors are having fun with their characters. While it's HEAVILY inspired by X-Files, it doesn't have that show's seriousness. That's both good and bad - good if you want entertainment. You should have popcorn with this.
episode 12 from season 2 was obviously left over from season 1. besides it being not great, I feel offended to be shown an episode that totally spoils the time frame.
i abandoned season 1 and have seen a few eps of season 2 and think it is a LOT better

but the show really suffers from workable subplots or ANY driving force linking the episodes together. really frustrating.
boon23 Wrote:episode 12 from season 2 was obviously left over from season 1. besides it being not great, I feel offended to be shown an episode that totally spoils the time frame.
My biggest gripe with this was.....I record episodes and make my own box sets of shows....I had season one I have to go back and figure where to put that episode into the timeline and redo my covers.
Love the show, but not liking season 2 nearly as much as season 1. Where in season one even though each episode had it's own story and mysteries, there was always some connection, even if it was small, to the main plot driving everything. Every single episode tied into it in some form. Now lately, there have been several episodes that did not have this connection, and it's been somewhat disappointing, and the overall story seems to be meandering quite a bit right now.
Well its like X-Files in that some episodes will deal with the mythology and others won't. The last episode they showed, "Jacksonville" dealt with Olivia's childhood experiments and the ability to see things from the alternate universe. At the end of the episode she discovered Peter's secret, and the new episode for next week is entitled "Peter" and will deal with Walter going into the alternate universe to kidnap the other Peter. I believe this will not only explain why he went crazy, but hopefully set up an ultimate showdown with an evil Walter angered with revenge from the alternate universe. I hope Smile
I'd filed Fringe away as a silly, but entertaining show, and just barely kept watching. But the streak from the Jacksonville episode to the season finale was pure brilliance, with playfully batshit concepts making the show spin out of control - in the good sense. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the two part finale, and I'm psyched to see the third season now.

Oh, and in a (for me) rare case of perceptiveness I totally called both the direction with angry Walternate (great name, btw) as the "villain" and the exchange of Olivias at the end. And I LOVED seeing the magic typewriter again! That's the best silly-effect ever. I may be wrong about who's writing what on the show, but the typewriter is one of the (few) things about Fringe that seems like pure Abrams to me.
I've watched all of the episodes a short while ago (I didn't realize there was a thread for it LOL) based on boon's recommendation.

This show just kept on getting better as the characters grew to know each other more and more.

However, I have a feeling that they are going to screw this up, but I hope not.
It's back on! I loved the season premiere, and there's plenty of room for interesting developments from here.
I was leery of Fringe when it started, and almost didn't stick with it, but by the sixth or seventh episode they really hit their stride. One of my favorites on tv now.
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