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(04-15-2019, 03:04 AM)TM2YC Wrote: [ -> ]Finally got caught up with Season 2 in time for the finale (not the short episodes though). S2 was no better than S1 in my opinion but no worse either.

I guess I'm not as picky with my Trek since I've really enjoyed both S1 and S2.


...if Discovery is really going to go into the future (and not just a tantalising cop-out) then what if the new Captain for Season 3 was:

[Image: allgoodthings-thumb-450x337-84409.jpg]

That would be a wonderful misdirection  magic trick. Announcing a Picard show ahead of time to put people off the scent.

That would be a brilliant bit of misdirection. Smile
(04-13-2019, 06:01 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]Though if you are craving old school classic Next Generation style Trek adventures --episodic planet of the week stories, stories that invoke discussion about the current social, political, cultural issues of our world -- then I say THE ORVILLE is the show to watch.

Season two has been spectacular!  Highly recommend it.  Big Grin

Probably watching episode 18 tomorrow night. Thanks man!

(sorry for being off topic)
Episode 14 "SUCH SWEET SORROW Part Two"

--and season two is a wrap!
--this two parter has really left me conflicted and confused, as the underlying sloppy writing of the overall Big Bad arc really becomes apparent here....
--So why couldn't the Disco be destroyed in part one?  They sure gave up easy... why not go plant bombs on it, disable the shield system, fly it into a many options.   But then there would be no season three.... sigh...
--Still do not understand the whole Leland/Control and Sphere Data obsession.... Control seems very self aware and sentient already even without the Sphere Data... it can control an entire fleet of Section 31 ships and take on human form....
--Wow!  That is one powerful Blast Door!?!?!?!!!!
--Coolsville!!!  Enterprise has the classic blue continuous phaser beams! YAY!  no pew pew for them!
--Nice visual homage to TMP wormhole sequence
--So if the whole point of going to the future is to get away from Leland, shouldn't/couldn't they stop with Leland now on Disco and/or maybe neutralized?
--so the Kelpians have evolved so fast in a few months they now control and pilot their own space fleet?
--the Michael and Spock stuff was wonderful and heartfelt
--again, another nice classic Trek shot of the the Golden Gate Bridge and Starfleet HQ
--So the entire season is a Time Loop Paradox....?  This is going to give me a massive headache to try and figure
--oh... so that is the canon explanation why no one has heard of Spock's sister or the Discovery or Spore Drive tech?  Under penalty of death, no less!  It seems to be an extreme over reaction to me?

I really do not know how I feel...  This is a show more dedicated to winning your heart rather than your mind.
It wonderfully, deliciously and masterfully creates "oh wow", "oh cool", "awwwwww" moments.  It knows how to hit the right emotional buttons and give you the appropriate FEELS.  So in terms of characters and relationships, I think the show is exceptionally successful.

But in terms of clarity to narrative, story structure logic and arc payoff....half-baked and sloppy are the kindest words I can think of at the moment.

Is it because of the behind the scenes chaos and the firing of the show runners part way through the season?  Did the planned story arc get retooled/redirected?

I dunno.   I know season two was a fun, fantastic ride for me.  I loved it a million times more than season one.   But this ending has left me feeling a bit dissatisfied and with more questions than answers. Blush

I do know, I WANT A CAPTAIN PIKE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin

I need to dwell on this some more.... more thoughts may follow....  Confused
more thoughts....

---how many frakking shuttles and pods do these starships carry?  Apparently 100's!!!!!  They must use TARDIS tech for storing them all in the landing bay
--well look at that, the Enterprise has Astro Repair droids
--so Number One's legal name is Number One????  While funny, I thought this a lost opportunity, they could have done something tribute-ish and had her name be Majel Something..... 
--loved Spock's science station!!!
--why couldn't they just close the Blast Door and then beam the Admiral out?

hhhmmmm..... still mulling over this finale...Dodgy Tongue
Hmm, an hour of incoherent explosions isn't really what comes to mind when you say Star Trek to me. I did enjoy some moments though:

- Jet Reno's "Sir! Get off my ass, sir." to Saru was a laugh-out-loud line for me. Love that character.

- I liked the way the timey-wimey stuff recalled The Motion Picture FX.

Some things that were confusing:

- So Georgiou killed control but they still went forward in time because?
- Why do phasers hitting shields in a vacuum make fireballs? Maybe Discovery has always been this stupid and it's just having every inch of the frame filled with fire that made me notice.
- Wow! Ash Tyler sure knows how to climb the career ladder! Being put in charge of Section-31 days(?) after joining the organisation.
- The ending was emblematic of this show's preoccupations. Shall we spend the last 5-mins following the all-new exciting adventures of the ship the show is named after as it finally (maybe?) boldly goes where no one has gone before... or shall we just have 5-mins of fan service?

I'm genuinely curious, even excited to see where this show goes next but please get better and please get back to some genuine Star Trekkin' across the universe, on the Starship Enterprise Discovery, under Captain Kirk Saru.

(04-19-2019, 02:51 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]--why couldn't they just close the Blast Door and then beam the Admiral out?

I thought that was daft too but to be fair "why couldn't they just beam" is pretty much every episode of Star Trek Big Grin . Credit due to the many writers over the decades that have come up with reasons for this to not be possible.
 what is your interpretation of the Starfleet headquarters scene...

What is is about this specific event that makes it warrant being classified so Top Secret that it is to be scrubbed from the historical record and treason to even speak of...?

Is it the Time Travel element?  The sentient A.I.?  The Sphere Data?

I have replayed the scene three times now, and I am still muddy on the actual reasoning other than bad writing trying to adjust for canon.... lol  

I am also excited for Discovery's season three, as it will free them from canon shackles and they can be the show they want to be with out old timers like me crying "foul" all the time.... ha ha ha! Tongue

But I gotta say, I am in that camp that LOVED all the fan servicing we got this season and truly hope this season was a testing ground for a Pike series.
I think was to protect the sphere data from ever being misused wasn't it? although it was obviously really to get around all the canon nonsense they'd created.

Since you are much more knowledgeable about ST than the rest of us...

Quote:...can you shed any light on where Discovery has supposedly gone? (in terms of previous ST canon). Did Burnham say 900 years into the future in the Beta Quadrant, or something?
(04-20-2019, 02:59 AM)TM2YC Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:...can you shed any light on where Discovery has supposedly gone? (in terms of previous ST canon). Did Burnham say 900 years into the future in the Beta Quadrant, or something?

I believe the plan was to time jump 950 years into the future to the planet Terralysium in the Beta Quadrant.  This is the planet featured in the episode "New Eden", where humans from World War III were transplanted by Michael's mother.  It is also the planet that Michael's mother is tethered to in the future, and supposedly is technology free so Control would not be a threat if it survived and found them....

At least I think that is plan.... lol Huh Tongue confusing....

So if that happens, season three would be set a few decades before the Short Trek story "Calypso".

In other related confusing matters....

I think I figured out why Michael and Disco continued with their Time Jump even though Leland was onboard and defeated.  Now correct me if I am wrong, as I might be misremembering, but I think they said the Time Crystal only had enough energy for one jump and once started it could not be stopped....?

No.  Wait a minute.  If that was true, then how did Michael go back and forth through time to send the 7 Signals?  

Back to being confused.... Wink
Still mulling (or is it fuming?) over the DISCO two part season finale.....

I really loved this season.  I really did.  Yes the season arc plot was illogical and had gaping holes in it, but I got swept up in the emotional journey of the characters and TOS fan servicing, to the point where I was telling myself maybe if I keep the faith, the writers will actually be able to pay it all off.

I was wrong.  I have watched the 2 part finale three times now, and each time it makes less and less sense.  

But rather than review it all over again, I thought I would share this rant I found on the Fan Film Factor site, as it sums up the issues with the finale better than I and I pretty much agree with 90% of it....

Going back to watching more NexGen blu-ray episodes....  Wink
I've been out of town the last couple of weeks and unable to make time to watch almost any TV so I finally go a chance to catch up on Discovery last night. I was not impressed with what they did with the Red Angel story, but I wasn't really that into at the beginning either. I'm most excited for the time jump. I hated the idea of a prequel since it was announced because it kills a lot of the tension when you know where things have to end up.
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