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I will post my thoughts on Episode 12 later, but the teaser promo for episode 13 is available online, and we get our first peak at the Enterprise bridge.... get ready to hit the pause button... lol

First off, to all my fellow Trekkers and Trekkies, HAPPY FIRST CONTACT DAY!!!!!!   Big Grin


--Time Crystals again.... a whole flipping Klingon planet of them, and not just any planet, but Boreth, the holy world where Ash and L'Rell sent their love child... it's all connected!!!  The planet Boreth was featured in TNG.

--hhmmm.... still using the Spore Drive even after learning the destructive effects it has on the mushroom-verse?

--The sibling banter between Spock and Michael is pitch perfect.  They go on a road trip and encounter our Big Bad A.I., which continues to confuse me... I don't know if I blinked and missed some vital exposition in a past episode, but I am still very murky on the "How" and "Why" of our villain's agenda...

What we know... CONTROL is a Threat Assessment A.I. used by Section 31 and the Federation, it is highly trusted and has strong influence on Starfleet and Federation decision making.
We know in the future, for some reason, Control will destroy all Sentient Life in the galaxy.
We know it is after the Sphere Data, because it will make it more Self Aware and All Knowing... I think?
But when did Control become first aware and why does it destroy all life?
Some online fans suggest this is the birth of Borg...?

--Jett Reno and Culber have a nice character moment in Sick Bay

--the dramatic heart of the this episode belonged to Pike... thanks to those freaky Time Crystals, Pike is allowed to see his TOS future.  The dark revelation is horrific but how Pike deals with it is truly inspiring.  Great performance by Mount!

--in the Flash Forward, Pike and the cadets appear to be wearing uniforms similar to the Academy ones in Star Trek 2009

--big cliffhanger, the Discovery is surrounded, outgunned and sends a distress signal to the Enterprise.

--solid episode with great character beats!
I've been a bit behind with this season, as I've found it a slog to get through. Just finished episode 10.

Has anybody got a running tally of which Discovery characters from the show have not magically come back to life? It can't be very many by now and I'd like to have a list to tick off when they do get brought back Big Grin .

- Michael's father
- (Good universe) Lorca
- Airiam

Spock got a shave....

[Image: spock.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=738]

I really hope DISCO adopts these uniforms for season three.

--for the second to last episode, there is no plot advancement or resolutions, this is ALL set-ups and emotional goodbyes

--the goodbyes at least allow a bit of character development for the supporting bridge crew which is nice, fleshing out their characters a bit, which makes their decision to remain more powerful.

--nice emotional scene with Sarek, Amanda and Michael... though how they did they get to Disco faster than the Enterprise or Section 31???  But there is a nice piece of TOS continuity as Sarek references why he will not visit Spock.

--so that is how they salute in Starfleet!!!  Again, a nice emotional scene.

--missed opportunity.... no classic verbal self destruct code....OOO-Destruct.

--Queen Po and Tilly together again!  Looks like all those Short Treks were essential viewing after all.

--Pike's wink at Georgiou was pitch perfect!

--lots and lots of technobabble about Time Crystals and Time Travel to set up the plot for the final episode

--so lots and lots of emotional manipulative writing which works very well, it makes you care about the characters and forget about the illogical plot lol

--the cliffhanger ending has strong echoes of Best of Both Worlds part one to be continued moment

--ok, with all that out of the way, lets talk about the BIG moment -- the ENTERPRISE!!!
[Image: enterprise_bridge_in_discovery.png]
--TOS angular corridors with red metal mesh!
--Turbolifts with handle controls
--TOS style bridge layout, though slightly larger, with original operations chairs and Command Center Seat!  With red turbo lift door and red bridge railings, and helm control poppy up targeting thing!

--The Enterprise interiors look amazing!  It has enough classic design that you recognize it instantly but with the Disco universe stylings that it completely fits in.   It also looks very, very, VERY EXPENSIVE.  

Which leads to speculation time....

--CBS is prepping a Pike/Enterprise spin-off series, while Disco will go the Voyager route and stay trapped in the Future for Season three?

quick edit... forgot to mention -- the soundtrack!  Not only did they play cues from TOS but they used the 2009 Enterprise theme too!
So season 2 was good? Do you have to see season 1 to get into season 2?
(04-12-2019, 10:03 AM)Rogue-theX Wrote: [ -> ]So season 2 was good? Do you have to see season 1 to get into season 2?

In my opinion, yes, season two is exponentially better than season one.

Season two, the producers/writers made the crew likeable.  You feel emotionally invested in them.  I love Michael this season!  The rest of the cast feels more balanced and developed.  The background bridge crew were given names and each given brief moments of fleshing out. It feels more like a Starfleet family now.  I would follow this crew.  

So in terms of characters and a return to traditional Star Trek-isms, season two has been a very successful retooling.

But it still suffers from accelerated simplistic cinematic narration, with the actual driving season arc feeling half baked.  It is a show that masterfully manipulates you emotions... you cheer, you tear, you get the feels.... it all works so long as you don't actually take the time to think about the plot logically or the lack of true depth to many of the scenes.... ha ha! Tongue

As I think I have mentioned before, I think you can watch season two without having seen the first season, though some the intricacies of the various character relationships may be confusing to some viewers.
I'll keep my eyes peeled for the dvd then. Thanks a lot Bob.
(04-13-2019, 03:22 PM)Rogue-theX Wrote: [ -> ]I'll keep my eyes peeled for the dvd then. Thanks a lot Bob.

Though if you are craving old school classic Next Generation style Trek adventures --episodic planet of the week stories, stories that invoke discussion about the current social, political, cultural issues of our world -- then I say THE ORVILLE is the show to watch.

Season two has been spectacular!  Highly recommend it.  Big Grin
Finally got caught up with Season 2 in time for the finale (not the short episodes though). S2 was no better than S1 in my opinion but no worse either. I've mostly grown to like/love the characters through shear attrition of hours spent in their company but the whole premise just isn't Star Trek to me. You need to have individual episode plots and an overall season story. There was even less Treking to the Stars than in S1. Actually, now I think about it, the Saru's planet episode was pretty great on it's own merits. Look, we spent a whole episode learning about a new alien culture, imagine that in a Star Trek episode!

I still love Tilly, Stamets and Saru. The new guy playing Pike is perfect and Jett Reno needs to be in every scene. I find Burnam and the Doctor tolerable and the new guy playing Spock doesn't work. I've started to get quite irritated by Ash and Georgiou. As long as Discovery is "free" with my Netflix subscription, I'll watch S3 and beyond but I doubt I'd actively choose to pay to see it. It continues to be a show which is frustratingly not quite as good as I want it to be.

I might be the last person to think of this fan theory but...

...if Discovery is really going to go into the future (and not just a tantalising cop-out) then what if the new Captain for Season 3 was:

[Image: allgoodthings-thumb-450x337-84409.jpg]

That would be a wonderful misdirection magic trick. Announcing a Picard show ahead of time to put people off the scent.
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