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Totally random thought....

After all the Axanar fan film scandal....

And the likelihood of another new Disco Captain for season three...

The new Captain should be GARTH OF IZAR!!!   Tongue
Episode 8 "If Memory Serves"

--okay let's get the bits I HATED out of the way.... Someone injected the cinematography with JJ Abrams steroids because there was way, Way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many lens flares in this episodes.... I am shocked I did not have a seizure!  And some very weird, awkward scene framing and bizarre camera angles... very distracting.

--otherwise I LOVED this episode!!! So hard to talk about without going into spoiler territory....
--if you are TOS fan, then this is the perfect Valentine/sequel to "The Cage"
--awesome "Previously recap" using TOS footage!
--TOS alien planet background noise!!!
--Ethan Peck as Spock -- excellent!  I think I prefer his interpretation better than Quintos'. 
--Michael's betrayal of Spock revealed... not quite what I expected, but it is logical and adds a believable layer to Spock's evolution as a character.  Still not clear why Spock would never have mentioned her before though...?
--A threat to every sentient life form in the entire galaxy!!!!!!
--Saru has some disquieting new personality traits.  Good to see Pike calling him out on it.
--Pike is still haunted by his experience on Talos IV... great acting by Mount!
--the Stametts and Culber storyline is very strong and heartbreaking
--so much more I want to say but I want to be respectful and avoid any big reveals, so I will only say this pivotal episode did not disappoint on any narrative level... a home run episode for me!
(03-07-2019, 09:52 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]Episode 8 "If Memory Serves"
 Still not clear why Spock would never have mentioned her before though...?

Some SPOILER speculation by moi..... Tongue

We have learned the Red Angel seems to be a Time Traveller and is changing certain events, saving people/civilizations from death.
In other words, changing the Timeline.

The Red Angel showed young Spock that Michael was destined to die the night she ran away.   Due to the Red Angels intervention, Michael is now alive.

Maybe in the TOS Prime Timeline, Michael did die on Vulcan.  Thus, Spock never had a relationship with her and therefore never had a sister to mention.

Maybe Discovery is doing it's own version of the Kelvin Timeline?
Episode 9 " Project Daedalus"

WOW!!!  I continue to say it!  I just can not believe how good this show has become, each episode better than the last!  Damn it Jim, now I am going to have to buy season one just to have a complete collection! lol

--directed by Jonathan Frakes... his Disco episodes are always strong, but this one is a masterpiece in the craft of storytelling.
--this episode takes a background character we have seen continually but know absolutely NOTHING about and in an hour it makes you fall in love with her and then weep for her.  
--Ethan Peck continues to impress as Spock.  I completely accept him.  Superior to Quinto's interpretation and performance.
--the conversation between Michael and Spock, is the type of talk of hard truths that neither is willing to hear that only siblings can have... a powerful moment
--a total "Awe Moment" when Admiral Cornwell praises Pike and explain why the Enterprise was purposely left out of the war
--gut wrenching ending... yep, I eye sockets sprung a leak... Cry

--this episode was Pitch PERFECT.  Everything worked.  I do not have a single Nit Pick, even the Skynet storyline works.

This episode will easily go into the Top Ten Best Trek Episodes Ever... it belongs right up there with City on the Edge of Forever, Far Beyond the Stars, Yesterday's Enterprise...  a truly fantastic Trek episode!

--This episode was written by Michelle Paradise, who will be the season three showrunner.  If this is any indication of the type of stories we will be getting more of, then call me a Happy Vulcan!  Big Grin
I really enjoyed this episode too, but Michael and (this) Spock are both terrible at logic.
(03-18-2019, 08:40 AM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: [ -> ]I really enjoyed this episode too, but Michael and (this) Spock are both terrible at logic.

When it comes to the matters of family, logic hardly ever applies....  Tongue

"My logic is uncertain, where my son is concerned." -- Sarek, Star Trek III
Not surprising, but a bit disappointing, it was confirmed Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijin are only signed on for this season and will not return for season three.  No mention is made of Ethan Peck's Spock character.

Mount's Captain Pike has been an incredible boon for the series.  His character was vital in the course correction of the show and bring the series back to it's Roddenberry TOS roots.  He will be sorely missed.

Now, I remember a rumour last season that the production team was actually building the bridge of the Enterprise to appear in season two.... does anyone else recall this?  I can not seem to track it down now.  If it is true, it would seem to be a big expense for brief appearance... unless they had future plans for it?  A Pike spin-off?   Probably not.  Just wishful fantasizing... lol. Tongue

So who will be the season three Captain?

All I know, it better NOT be Georgiou... I do not want another Lorca style captain storyline.  At a recent Press event, it was revealed the Section 31 spin-off is still years away... hopefully that is TV-Speak for never, as the S31 stuff has been the least interesting and feels more like season one style storytelling which was a mess.
Oh man, no more Anson Mount after this season is a huge bummer! I'm slowly getting caught up (about 5 episodes into season 2) and I love Mount's Pike. He's really fantastic in that role.

Overall season 2 is a huge improvement over season 1, although it still flutters at times.

I too hope the season 3 captain is not Georgiou. I hated the mirror universe subplot and the S31 seems a bit too jarhead for my liking.
Episode 10 "THE RED ANGEL"

--first off, let me say I try really hard to keep my reviews SPOILER free, but this particular review I may cross the line a bit... thou hast been warned!!!!

--After multiple stellar episodes in a row, this was a weaker one.  While it has some fantastic moments, the cohesive narrative is very uneven and highlights some of the ongoing problems this show has had since season one in regarding developing characters/plots and paying them off....  This is essentially an exposition dump episode to set up the final four.

--"Time Crystal"... sigh.... the stupid MacGuffin returns.... so why is Time Travel so difficult then if they exist?  Why was there even a Project Daedalis then?  Why isn't everyone time travelling?

--So the entire ship goes on Auto-pilot for the funeral?  Isn't there an evil A.I. out there hunting them?  Also, while the funeral had a couple of nice moments, it mostly served to remind the viewer we didn't know this character.

--Leland, another non-character, has his reveal with Michael, but again because he was never developed it does not have the impact it should and his final fate does not feel tragic enough

--Time Travel and Paradox's make my head hurt.  If it is Micheal from the future, wouldn't she know about the trap?  Or is she from an alternate timeline?  Mostly bothered me no one bothered to voice this simple question.  But the final twist reveal sort of, kind of, makes slightly more time-whimy sense.... I think...?  But again, it lacks full impact because we have never seen this character before....

--this nitpick is be silly, but it bothers me that Culber is dressed all GQ... no attempts at futuristic clothing by production... I am not saying he needs to be in spandex or a jump suit... but it still bugs me... the curse of nuBSG lives on... LOL

--the glue of this episode is the incredibly powerful performance of Martin-Green, if you still had doubts, this episode makes it clear why she is the star of this show.  Her scenes with Leland, Spock and Tyler are excellent and is the only arc that truly pays off the way it should.

--the death scene!!!!!  OMG!  That was brutal!

--again, some very strong moments but it is all hampered by some of the messiest writing since season one... too much happens off screen and thus the vital info dumps lack emotional weight or narrative impact.

--last week's episode was an awkward info dump/plot set up saved only by Martin-Green's powerhouse performance.  This week is pay off and full of even more fantastic character drama!  Once again, Martin-Green knocks it out of the park!  But this time she is matched by guest star Sonja Sohn.  

--Trek factoid.... Starfleet is comprised of 7,000 ships.  Doesn't really match my head canon lol.  Starfleet seemed smaller in Kirk's era.... out of 7000 starships, only 12 Constitution Class were built?

--the softening of mass murderer and tyrant Georgiou continues... she truly loves Michael like a daughter.  Don't get me wrong, Michelle Yeoh, she is brilliant in the role and I love her for it, but I am exhausted with the tv trope of redeeming an unforgivable villain just to keep him/her around because they are popular.

--speaking of Yeoh, why have have a performer of her legendary caliber and write a martial arts fight scene for her, and then butcher it with extreme close up shots and fast cut editing?  

--Spock loves science... very funny.

--love it or hate it, classic Trek technobabble was back in full steroid force in this episode

--so last time we saw Leland he was unconscious on the ground... how did he end up tied up to a vertical exam table?  Regardless, some great villainy in this episode!

--so I repeatedly stated how much I love this season, but with only 3 episodes left, it is clear there is still some very sloppy/half baked season one style writing going on it terms of the actual arc and villain....

--So we are to believe Starfleet is essentially governed by an A.I. called Control?  Why was this important fact never mentioned in season one?  With an interstellar war raging you think that might have been mentioned by the Admirals at some point?
--Control has never been adequately explained, hell it was introduced with a casual background name drop and then not mentioned again for a couple more episodes
--how did the A.I. become Sentient?  Or was it always?  And why, and this is a big one, why does it want to destroy humanity?  And it seemed to be already trying to this before the arrival of Sphere?  And therefore, are all computers semi-sentient?  What are the RULES????
--it feels like this whole plot was created just to explain why Star Trek does not have/use sentient A.I.s in the future.  Which is fun fan service, but as an actual driving story arc it has been very poorly developed, relying way too heavily on Terminator Skynet tropes.
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