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Well i predicted a mirror universe and i was right. Overall i thought the episode played out well except for a few nitpicks of mine.

1.they are stranded in a mirror universe and need to conserve power and next thing they use is a holographic mirror with 3d rendering, it might not use much power but the entire crew must have had to use personal mirrors to change into mirror personas adding to power usage.

2. Other than the security guards bob mentioned where are the nurses when the incident happened in sickbay. was amazing  discovery could tell by a simple scan their configuration was different but the shenzo couldnt even though the computers should have auto alerted them when they were within scanning distance especially since the captain said he was scanning the area for rebels.

Quite easily one of my favourite episodes to date
This weeks episode had a surprise reveal I didn't see coming and I really liked it. What did others think of the episode?

I'm really loving this darker version of Trek. I know a lot of Trekkies/Trekkers were disappointed how the show deviated from the episodic nature of the previous incarnations, but I really like it. I prefer continuing storyline's over singular episodes.

With only a few episodes left, I'm curious where the season finale will take us.
I'll try to steer away from anything too specific and spoiler-ish...

Up until now I was never sure if the creators of Discovery either...

A: Had no f**kin' clue how to write Star Trek characters (In particular the Captain).


B: They had some genius long-term plan that would explain all the WTF stuff in a clever way.

What a sense of relief after today's episode, to find it was 'B' Big Grin . I'd suspected a twist of this sort once all the network stuff came into play but it seemed like wishful thinking and a crazy fan-theory to try and explain away the badly written (I thought) characters. It took balls from the creators to play this one out for so long and risk alienating ST fans. Discovery still has some minor stylistic and tonal nitpicks but I don't much care about them anymore (now my big issue has gone away). Minor problems can be ironed out in Season 2. Can't wait for the last 3 episodes and then I can watch the whole season again from the start! Smile

On the subject of those minor tonal problems:

Having a mirror-universe where all the characters are the same and in the same place, except they all have evil mustaches and gold-sashes is a very silly concept but when you've got an often light-hearted and fun show like TOS, it's fine. When you've got a deadly serious and humourless show like Discovery it feels real awkward.
Episode 13:  What's Past is Prologue

And with that incredible episode, DISCOVERY officially became STAR TREK for me!

After enjoying but not truly embracing (and constantly questioning) the 12 previous episodes, this one completely won me over.

This one had it all the classic Trek elements of adventure, character and philosophy that I expect and want from Star Trek.  Saru's speech was inspiring and gave me the feels.  Michael's comment to Lorca about how Starfleet would have helped him get home if he had simply asked, was perfect.

A 10 out of 10 episode for me.   Big Grin
One thing i liked about the last episode was they way they went full circle in particular the fight in the emperesses chamber was visually similar to the fight  on the klingon ship in the pilot episode ,from the pillars and burning fires and burnham fighting alongside her original captain. i had a feeling from the first moment i saw the emperess what burnham was going to do in the final moment of the fight(she even gave the hint in the conversation that she wouldnt do the same actions)overall a decent watch.
Overall a terrific episode that built towards the crew flying into the *spoiler* which was a real...

[Image: giphy.gif]

...moment but the final revelation had me rolling my eyes and disappointed again. The...

...Klingon war has been such a non-event in the show (lots of talk, not much actual war), that I'd genuinely forgotten that the war was even a thing by the time they got back. I was looking forward to some proper Star Trek-ing now that Lorca is gone and then to learn that nope... even more war!

There are two episodes left, so I'm still holding out hope that they can somehow utilise the spore-drive to jump again back in time and prevent the war. Then S2 can do more boldly going and seeking out of new life and civilisations.
So they were

in a mirror universe the whole time, and that's why the technology and ships, klingons and all that looked wrong
(01-31-2018, 09:41 AM)Rogue-theX Wrote: [ -> ]So they were

in a mirror universe the whole time, and that's why the technology and ships, klingons and all that looked wrong

Nope.  Tongue
(01-31-2018, 10:04 AM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-31-2018, 09:41 AM)Rogue-theX Wrote: [ -> ]So they were

in a mirror universe the whole time, and that's why the technology and ships, klingons and all that looked wrong

Nope.  Tongue

[Image: lg_fa78d0ea4656-img_2237_zpsb248806d.png]

Thanks for not spoiling anything.  Smile
(01-31-2018, 01:35 PM)Rogue-theX Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for not spoiling anything.  Smile

In the recent tie-in novelization Desperate Hours by David Mack, it is explained Starfleet is still in an experimental phase with different Starships being built by and influenced by different designers and different Starship classes have different crew uniforms.

It's a lame attempt to force the visual changes into the Prime Universe.

No explanation for the Klingons though....

Thus far, there has been no On-Screen explanation.   Though maybe the recent Time Travel plot development will play a part in why things are different.

Or it may just boils down to this.... we have more money to we can make the show look however we want and to hell with 50 years of continuity and the fan base that has supported this franchise through the dark times.  Dodgy

While I have been enjoying the show on an entertainment level and actually LOVED the last episode, I am not sure how this show is suppose to inspire a new generation of fans?  I have been watching Star Trek since I was five or six years old.   Would I allow anyone younger than a teen to watch this show alone... I dunno.  It is definitely not family friendly.  Even Deep Space Nine, at its darkest and most violent, you could watch safely as a young person.  But this "Game of Thrones" approach is the complete wrong direction for this franchise imo.
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