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Full Version: Sony Releasing Soundtracks to Several 80s Animated Series
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This ought to make editing a lot easier for Joe and Bayformer fantatics here who want to add an 80s remix to those movies...and especially if you want to add the Jem songs to that atrocity that was the recentĀ movie.

As for me, I'm gonna have a whale of a time rocking out to the M.A.S.K score. Big Grin
Supposedly, the tracks by the first composer (early in the Joe and TF series) won't be included.
That's pretty unfortunate...any reason for why that is?
They lost the rights. I believe they are going to include the later reworked versions. Either way, I'm beyond excited it's finally being released. There are fan versions for whatever they don't include.
True about the fan editions, there'sĀ one Youtube channel I go for some of those