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Full Version: Star Wars The Clone Wars Blue-Ray Copies Help!
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First i'm gonna point out that i'm new here and english is second language to me.
Hopefully this post is appropriate for this sub-forum.
Anyway back to the point for this thread could you guys recommend how should i go about buying Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Show. I'm going for the BR release and would like to know if i should buy the complete seasons separate or the complete 1-5 season bundle. The movie and the last season is separate so no need to recommend anything for them. I want to point out that i haven't seen the show at all and would like to receive the best possible experience possible. Will the Box set include all the extras and does it offer anything new?
I bought the boxset with seasons 1-5 from - it was cheaper than the US version, and it is region free. I can't remember what extras it has, but you can look that up in the reviews, but I'm happy with the set.

Edit: I can't see on Amazon's review page whether the extras are included. I'll check my set tonight and let you know. Price-wise, it was worth it for me.
Side note:
Be sure that the aspect ratio is 2.35:1
I know that there are a lot of DVD versions with 16:9 (zoomed) picture and it's not the proper way to watch anything Star Wars.
I think all the blurays are 2.35:1, but be cautious anyway.
Alright thanks guys i'll wait for your feedback Garp and then i'll decide.

Edit: Is the Collector's Box Set worth the extra money with that episode guide and art booklet ?

Edit 2: Garp could you check the aspect ratio aswell because the UK version is a lot cheaper.