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Full Version: Horror custom DVD covers
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Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan Barkan and I'm the managing editor of Bloody-Disgusting! I hope I'm writing this post in the right place. If not, please forgive me as I just registered 10 minutes ago (I read the three pages but my question didn't come up there, which is why I'm here).

I'm here because I want to do a fun post on BD that highlights some amazing alternate horror DVD inserts. I'm talking about original artwork, photoshop, mishmash, etc... Whatever stands out!

When I can, I aim to give as much credit as possible. Therefore, I thought I'd come to you all and see if anyone was interested in being feature with something they've done! I'd credit to whatever main page you'd want highlighted (Twitter, DeviantArt, official websites/portfolios, etc..)

You can reach me obviously on here or via Twitter at .

Again, I hope this is the right place for this. If not, I'll happily move it or take the idea somewhere else!
You would have more luck on either or one of the many cover sites that are out there Smile
Appreciate the input! Thanks very much!
moved to alternate artwork subforum