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Full Version: WLDN Radio London?
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Calling all UK residents!

Have any of you ever heard of WLDN Radio London? Somebody from there has tried to contact me about my band's music twice now. Wondering if it's legitimate and/or popular at all? What kind of music they usually play if you're familiar, please let me know your thoughts.
Never heard of them.

Website is a bit noddy, looks like an internet only radio station (otherwise they would have stated the FM frequency).

A guy/girl in his/her bedroom is my guess, but that doesn't mean he/she has no listeners.

Just my perspective though, the underground radio scene is not exactly where I lay my hat these days.
I had come to similar conclusions from their website, and the lack of any real information on a Google search worries me but I thought there was a chance that since I'm in the US, I just can't see anything I'd consider relevant because Google searches try to be more localized now. I didn't want to make broad assumptions about it, at least not without information. Thanks for the help!