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Full Version: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Returns!
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Gypsy is being voiced by Rebecca Hanson.  Because of new puppetry innovations, Gypsy will be appearing more often, both in host segments as well as in the theater.  Gypsy's slow demeanor in the past was attributed to her devoting all her processing power to running the Satellite.  However, thanks to cloud computing (and other science facts), she can now dedicate more of herself to conversation and riffing.  Hasnson will also be one of Kinga Forrester's minions.  


[Image: 75fb1a406728456b5f775fc6257938e3_origina...0ff9f38924]

Cambot?  Rocket Number Nine?  A new bot altogether?
It looks like the bastard child of a Tom Servo / Crow / Gypsy threesome. I have no problem with this Big Grin
Yes... hands, shoulder and general proportions are Servo-ish.  Paint is Crow-like, as are the beak and arms.  The eye is Gypsy-esque.  Maybe they can combine, Voltron/Megazord/Constructicon-style?
(02-27-2017, 06:54 PM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: [ -> ]It looks like the bastard child of a Tom Servo / Crow / Gypsy threesome. I have no problem with this Big Grin

robot sex. the future has arrived.
It looks and feels exactly like I was hoping.  It's got the heart and soul of MST3K, just with a tad more scope and scale thanks to modern technology.  Look at the 34 second mark.  Crow is standing up!  Servo is hovering!  And Crow sounds spot on at the end!
The trailer definitely had me feeling super excited. I can't wait!
Just finished the first episode.  Good stuff!  I wouldn't go so far as to say it's one of the best episodes, but it's certainly a solid outing.  I can't see myself revisiting this one in the same way I do Space Mutiny or The Final Sacrifice, but I had plenty of good laughs.  The new cast endear themselves from the get-go.  Still adjusting to the new voices, but their enthusiasm is wonderful.  Though, perhaps a bit too enthusiastic in places - there were a few riffs that started just before whatever it was in the film they're meant to be reacting to.  I'm sure that'll get ironed out in time, of course.  Without going too far into detail, I'll say that above all else, this is MST3K.  It's got the heart, soul, and comedic style of the original.
huzzah, MGH! good to hear that mst3k is back and solid.
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