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Full Version: X-Files Returns
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The revolutionary, tv game changing show of the 90s returns this January....

Hope it's good, but not holding my breath.
The original limped to the finish and I suspect it was very much a 90s phenomena.
Hopefully this is a one-off and the brief series will be self contained.
As far as the mythos - enough - the creators lost their way a long time ago.
I'll watch it, but I'm not holding my breath when it comes to quality. Carter hasn't done anything worthwhile since 2002 (actually, you could draw the line in 1999 or 2000). Morgan and Wong's careers have been spotty, to put it mildly. Spotnitz' last series Hunted was godawful, but it seems he's not involved anyway, for some reason? Vince Gilligan declined to participate because he didn't want to take time away from Better Call Saul, which might have turned out to be the right move. Also, a new visual look could have been beneficial after all these years, but all the episodes are being directed by the writers, which could be a bad move. Carter is not a particularly good director, and neither are any of the others. Wong is probably the most experienced, but Darin Morgan has two Millennium episode director credits from almost 20 years ago and that's it. It's not looking good, imo.

I still have hopes for the Darin Morgan episode, though. Also, Annet Mahendru from The Americans will guest star in an episode, and she's always great.
From the trailer only it looks at the same good and strangely a bit off.
Like a "Kingdom of Crystal Skull" feeling, where everything looks in place to be awesome but it just does not work in the end.
Maybe it is because I prefer the dark and almost horror side of the X-Files, while here it seems they go for a "24" with aliens style.
Difficult to make up my mind. I'll watch it though, for sure.
The X-Files was "televisual perfection" for the first couple of series, but soon became just "good". So I'm not all that interested in seeing something that will at best probably just aspire to reach the highs of the lows ;-). Still, fingers crossed.
My body is ready. Also, for the Bluray box set of seasons 1-9.
Hugely excited to see this. I have faith that it will be good. I thought season 9 was really underrated, although the final 2 episodes were a huge disappointment, plus I have a huge soft spot for the show as it really did change the face of television back in its day. I only wish that Carter's Millennium series could have a mini series too
LastSurvivor Wrote:I only wish that Carter's Millennium series could have a mini series too

Oh man, Millennium was soooo good. TV wasn't ready for it though.
I tried to watch the last episode three times. Fell asleep every try.
New behind-the-scenes featurette.

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