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Full Version: Jessica Jones
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New MCU series coming to Netflix on November 20. Starring Krysten Ritter.

Cue "Don't trust the b***..." jokes.
Good teaser. Hope the show delivers.
First full trailer
This keeps my hopes high, and convinces me they aren't sugarcoating it too much.
wow, no doubt. i love how Marvel is going full tilt with their series properties (well, starting with DD and moving on to JJ). we can only assume for of the same. now i really REALLY hope the next three are as popular (JJ, Cage, Iron Fist) and Marvel adds more characters to the line up. particularly Ghost Rider and Punisher.
who knows, with Fox rumored to be giving up the first family, maybe the Fantastics will get a small screen treatment (i know, i know, but given proper writing and casting, all things have potential). people likely won't trust them enough for another big screen showing, unless it's a small cameo in one of the Marvel films.
final trailer, 10 days til premiere....

Sadly, no sign of the reported Daredevil cameo in this trailer. I wonder if it will be something as simple as her P.I. office is in the same building as Murdock & Nelson?
Looks like Marvel understands how to make a female superhero show unlike DC's Supergirl. I keep watching in hopes it'll get better, but I find myself rolling my eyes so much that I miss half of the show.
Five episodes in and loving it.

Very dark and real world filled with paranoia and damaged people. The most adult Marvel series to date. Easily an R rated show.

Having never read any of the Alias/Jones series, just curious how it compares to the comics?
Just finished it. Man that was good. I don't know if I liked this or Daredevil more. Similar tone and style but still very different, very much its own thing.
I watched the first episode last night. I'll be watching one episode per night. I want to savor it.
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