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Full Version: TM2YC's 1001 Movies (Chronological up to page 48/post 480)
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TV's Frink Wrote:I said "movies."

Exactly, now there are two of them. I asumed you you'd be watching this one...

[Image: 2001Style_B.jpg]

...then this one...

[Image: 220px-2001_a_space_travesty_dvd_cover.jpg]
TM2YC Wrote:now there are two of them.

[Image: 2973721_orig.jpg]
100 years ago...

[Image: 33683661790_b8ac6b0884_o.jpg]

The Birth Of A Nation (1915)
Director: D.W. Griffith
Country: US
Length: 190 minutes
Type: Silent, War, Historical, Racist

I've finished/endured all 3 hours of this movie Dodgy . Obviously going into it, I knew it made the KKK out to be heroes but I was expecting that to be just one unfortunate element of a wider story. But no, this is full-on vile racism almost from start to finish, in every scene (I say almost, as there is one atypical 30minute patch where racist stuff isn't brought up and I actually enjoyed myself). Apart from two "loyal" servants, all the black characters are portrayed as evil, corrupt, degenerate, bestial monsters and rapists. Watching it feels like having your soul sickened and polluted. One positive to take away, is that it makes you think the world isn't so bad these days, because 100 years later, films like this aren't blockbusters anymore.

That aside (Which isn't easy to lay to one side), this is an influential technical tour de force clearly. The battle scenes are thrilling and impressively filmed (Even some FX shots in there). The score by Joseph Carl Breil is really wonderful and almost carries the story on it's own. The film looks great and made me think that films have actually got worse looking over the last century (Or the last decade at least). Many parts pointed to the influence the direction has had e.g. The Klan Knights chasing around on horseback were shot just like the Ringwraiths in the Arwen chase in FOTR. The finale was clearly parodied in 'Duck Soup', which I hadn't realised before (I just thought it was funny anyway).

The love subplot is beautifully told which made it even more annoying that the hero you've been rooting for for the first 2 hours, turns out to be the guy who founds the KKK! His fiance dumps him when she finds out he's a racist. But by the end of the movie she forgives him and actually agrees with him, with the final moral of the film being "Don't trust black people because they'll only rape and kill you"... f**k this f**king movie!

I actually had to sit down and re-watch Spielberg's 'Lincoln' (Which roughly covers the same time period and depicts some of the same people) afterwards as a way to filmically cleanse my mind.

Next up is 7-hour silent French Vampire movie. It can only be better.
They're not on the list but Winsor McCay's cartoons are pretty amazing for the time. You can find his shorts on YouTube from 1911 onward. The pacing is slow but they usually had music or narration or both for the audio. Check out The Pet from 1921 which is an early Godzilla tale

(skip to 7:00 to skip the slow beginning)

and The Centaurs from 1921 which was pretty much ripped off by Disney for Fantasia.
Well I really dropped the ball on this "project" last year when I ran up against this daunting task...

TM2YC Wrote:Next up is 7-hour silent French Vampire movie

Okay deep breath, it's 10 episodes, so at least one episode a day and I can get through this in a week or so :-D... oh and it turns out it's not actually about Vampires.... it's just called "The Vampires". Then I can get onto the famous stuff I want to watch like 'Intolerance', 'Broken Blossoms' and 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'.
You might think about putting up a list.
Otherwise people will make weird ass suggestions,
such as La Maison du Mystère from 1923.
6+ hours! Great after Les Vampires.
is this a frantic canadian thread? :-P

seriously, it's neat hearing about movies i've never heard about and/or don't think i can stomach, e.g., birth of a nation. thanks for the write-ups, tm2yc.
Vultural Wrote:You might think about putting up a list.
Otherwise people will make weird ass suggestions,

Sure, why not (Pasted into the OP... I'm just assuming it's accurate) but I don't mind suggestions.

ssj Wrote:thanks for the write-ups, tm2yc.

No problem Smile.
6 episodes and 3.5hrs of 'Les Vampires' down, 4 episodes and 3.5hrs left to go :-|. So far it's definitely got it's charms but is a bit of a chore to get through due to the extremely slow pacing and length.... it could do with a fanedit ;-).
It only took me a year to finish watching all 7-hours of this...

100 years ago...

[Image: 31316583770_194dcc13f6.jpg]

The Vampires (1915-1916)
Director: Louis Feuillade
Country: France
Length: 417 minutes (7 hours)
Type: Silent, Crime, Soap-Opera

This is basically an early mini-series/soap-opera across ten "episodes" of varying length. It's not about Nosferatu but a gang of black "Lycra" wearing murderous thieves that go by the name "The Vampires". The main villain-ess being the evil 'Irma Vep' (You'll never guess what that's an anagram of!) and the hero is the plucky reporter Philipe Guérande, who is a bit Tintin-esque but rather more bland.

Philipe's sometime comedy sidekick Mazamette was the real star for me. He's constanly breaking the fourth wall and winking at us the audience and mucking about. His big-nosed rubber-faced cheekiness is made for comedy. He made the whole thing much more bearable.

[Image: 31652325386_3634c2bb99.jpg]

The galcial slowness of the pacing tested my patinece throughout. It's a shame as there is some great crime-caper stuff in there. A faneditor could have a field day with this material. The score I listened to was by the 'Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra' and was a delight at first but it soon gets repetitive and after 7-hours it positively grates.

I'm keen to get on with watching the films on this list, as I plan on watching the new BFI Blu-Ray of the 5.5-hour 'Napoleon' soon, so it'd make sense to see it in order/context.