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Anyone seen this?

looks really good, and of course with any decent foreign fllm, Hollywood are remaking it :oops: :roll:

going to watch it tomorrow night, hopefully 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' will be laugh (seeing that in the afternoon) but am saving Rec just in case i need some decent cinema Wink
saw this last month.

fantastic film !!!!!!!!!!
cool, looking forward to watching it.
I saw this a couple weeks ago. Fantastic hooror flick. It was actually scary...or would be if I wasn't so desensatized from watching every horror movie that comes down the pike.

I though it added a nice twist to the zombie genre, by only making you think it's about zombies. The ending is one of my most memorable in a while simply because it combines two different horror elements: possesion and zombies. Really interesting.
actually i was pretty bored by the whole thing, fairly generic horror movie if you ask me, im glad i saw it but its not one i will be ever watching again.

the whole 'reality' thing is becoming very tiresome in movies now. :-(
I thought it was a good horror movie in blair witch/cloverfield style that delivered a lot scares. Good acting.
Spent one night watching REC and then Quarantine(the US remake).

The story itself is pretty good and I like the idea. Quite liked it, nothing amazing, but we're not seeing anything new from the likes of 'The Zombie Diaries' or the dreadful 'Diary of the Dead'. But if you like your Zombie films, check it out.

If there's a question on which is better - well to be honest, not really either version. The American version has a few more characters, but largely sticks to the Spanish plot - with the odd change. I watched with a friend and we agreed that there was nothing to gain from watching REC, if you'd watched Quarantine.
white43 Wrote:I watched with a friend and we agreed that there was nothing to gain from watching Quarantine, if you'd watched REC.


I don't get why people would watch a remake before the original. It just spoils the original.

REC got a 95% rating on rottentomatoes. That's higher than The Dark Knight. While its remake Quarantine got a 59% rating.

Do yourself a service, always watch the original first. There's more to movies than just plot.
Woah, don't be elitist.

Did watch REC first and then Quarantine. The difference is minimal, aside more character development in Quarantine.

I stand by the statement - you gain nothing from watching REC first, unless you're Spanish speaking.
REC is subtitled, you don't need to speak spanish to enjoy it.

Following your logic there is nothing to be gained from watching the original Psycho when you've seen the 1998 remake because the differences are minimal.

Not trying to start a fight here - I just don't agree with your review at all.

Also, by watching the original before the remake was even anounced, I watched it fresh, without the images of the american trailer in my head, which spoiled the very last shot of the movie.

I hate remakes of foreign films. I have yet to see one that is better than the original.
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