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Full Version: Bob's Burgers
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My roommate got into this show, slowly over the past year or so. I just finished watching Season 1 and holy hell I love this show. It's a million times better than Family Guy. The true Simpsons successor.

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(^ lost herself to dance)

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Neglify Wrote:[Image: Tina-Belcher-Dancing-Bobs-Burgers.gif]
(^ lost herself to dance)


I've been meaning to watch this show. I'll have to check out a couple episodes this week.
I really like this show as well. Been watching since day 1, but I haven't seen much of this season. They used to simulcast FOX's Sunday night animated line-up on Global here, but earlier this season they stopped airing it. Instead they chose to replace FOX's Sunday night simulcast with "Madam Secretary", "The Good Wife", and some new show that plays I think on CBS at 10. I think they may still air it, but earlier or later. I can never remember, so I just stopped watching. I only have basic cable so I don't get FOX. I'm really surprised that they stopped airing The Simpsons and Family Guy, because they've been airing both shows since their inceptions.
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:as an aside aside, I just started watching Bob's Burgers, and me gusta.

w00t! I'm mid-way through Season 4 now and absolutely loving this show.

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Just started watching this show recently and I love it but it took a long time for me and the wife to get over the fact that so many of the female characters are played by men. Personally I feel gender-swapping voices is really gimmicky and doesn't usually work. But then Linda Belcher says something and I laugh. So what do I know? :p