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Full Version: Last DVD or Blu-Ray you purchased?
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Thought I'd start up a thread like this so we all know what our tastes are. So, last DVD I bought:

Man with the Screaming Brain
DOOM - The Extended Director's Cut
Samurai Commando Mission 1549


Firefly, (TV Show) bought it yesterday for 18 bucks.
When the last sword is drawn. a couple month's ago from amazon.
Clerks II last week. Great purchase.
V for Vendetta. came in this nice metal box. i love the metal boxes...
Reservoir Dogs 15th anniversary edition.
Superman Ultimate Collection,along with Superman Returns and Superman The Movie on Blu-ray.

still looking for Superman II The Richard Donner Cut on Blu-ray.

I also got Clerks II,I fricking love this movie,very funny.
Rotten Johnny Wrote:Firefly, (TV Show) bought it yesterday for 18 bucks.

Now that's a steal right there...great find.