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Full Version: Netflix developing Legend of Zelda original series
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There's no writer, no cast, and no story details yet, but Netflix and Nintendo have come to an agreement that will allow Netflix to develop an original, live-action Legend of Zelda series (described as a family-friendly version of "Game of Thrones"). Thoughts?

Personally, I wouldn't try to adapt any particular game. Have an original Zelda and Link and follow their adventures, which would occur between certain games in the series. More freedom that way.
Ugh pointless hashtags. I don't know who created that but I wonder if they have any idea that there wasn't a twitterverse in the 1970's.
This show could go either way. Since there's no information on it I'll give a very broad opinion. I have faith in Netflix to understand there is a way to appeal to adults with animation without alienating the kid audience, and vice versa. That balance is crucial to the show working at all, especially with a description like "Family-friendly Game of Thrones". The balance has been found and used well before in Batman: The Animated Series and its sequel shows. I'm not saying Bruce Timm must be involved, but they would be doing themselves a favor by hiring any of the older DC Animated Universe writing staff they can get their hands on.

Many comments I've read have said Link should or shouldn't be mute, and I don't care too much about that. My favorite Zelda game was on Nintendo 64 and he definitely had a voice there but didn't speak (and didn't need to). Based purely on the Game of Thrones comment, I'm going to assume he will be a Jon Snow type character, important but not necessarily the lead, and as such, he will likely have to speak. Just don't make him annoying and I'm sure it'll be fine.

That said, the Game of Thrones comment worries me because if you boil it down, it's just another soap opera with family drama, and the Zelda universe doesn't have many named families/clans/houses unless you count the different species. There's "regular?" people, forest people, rock people, water people, and desert people. And there's monsters. Assuming the show isn't based on any one game, I'm worried that the plotlines will be soap opera-ish.

Anyway, there is little to nothing concrete about this show so far so this is all pure speculation.
I think it would be nice if Cynthia Preston and Jonathan Potts were given roles in the series.

Here's a video that the Angry Video Game Nerd made about the Zelda timeline (before Nintendo released the official version):

Very intriguing. I'm of two minds about this.

On the one hand, video games are notoriously hard to adapt; the main characters generally aren't complex or interesting enough for fiction, because the joy in a game comes from us inserting ourselves into the story as the character.

Also, a game can be interesting just by increasing the level of challenges, but a TV show would be boring if it was just "Link keeps killing monsters until he gets enough to rubies to buy another sword to beat even harder monsters."

And since the whole motivation of the plot is that Zelda has been kidnapped, the two characters who are supposed to fall in love would spend almost no time getting to know each other. (Granted, this is also the problem in Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.)

These issues are what led the writers of the '80s cartoon to turn the show into some kind of weird romcom, with fairly terrible results.

On the other hand, Bob from "The Big Picture" (Escapist channel on YouTube) recently wrote a detailed outline for what he would like to see for a rebooted Super Mario Bros. movie, and it was pretty amazing. So maybe with the right writers, directors, etc., Zelda can be really good too.
TomH1138 Wrote:These issues are what led the writers of the '80s cartoon to turn the show into some kind of weird romcom, with fairly terrible results.

I love that series. Yeah, it's cheesy, but it's cheesy fun, and Zelda's pretty awesome in it.

Here's GameTrailer's explanation of Nintendo's official timeline. I wonder which one that this series will fall into.

Mark Moore Wrote:I love that series. Yeah, it's cheesy, but it's cheesy fun, and Zelda's pretty awesome in it.

I found the characters very grating on that show. "Excuuuuuse me, princess" was never funny even the first time, and it got extremely tiresome quickly. But if the show worked for you, hey, more power to you!