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Full Version: Smudger 9's Clone Wars Movie Series Banner Thread
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Here are my first banner submissions. Episode I is about to be submitted for approval and Episode II is well on the way.
[Image: EP1AOTRBanner-1.png]

[Image: EP2ANTBanner.png]
Decided that my banner designs are too busy, so I've gone for a style alteration. Here is Episode I

[Image: EP1%20AOTR%20Banner_1.png]
I like the cleaner look.
asterixsmeagol Wrote:I like the cleaner look.

Thanks. I've come to the conclusion that as far as banners are concerned, less is more.
Episode I Banner for submission.
And here is my next attempt for episode II

[Image: EP2%20ANT%20Banner.png]
The fade to black on the left is really abrupt, like a hard line through the D of "EDIT" and next to the O in "ORG". It's similarly abrupt on the episode 1 banner but less noticeable there because there's less black. Honestly I would recommend fixing both of those. You'll lose a little bit more detail from the source image but it won't look like a mistake.
Updated attempt at Episode II Banner
[Image: EP2%20ANT%20Banner.jpg]
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