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Full Version: Happy to see FE back
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Just wanted to say I'm happy to see FE back and functioning. I really missed trolling you all :-p
So happy it's back.
The mothership has landed. Thanks to our heroic pilots who find us nice asteroids for a home base, whilst keeping an eye out for giant carnivorous space worms.
Thank God*

(God = Whoever sorted this out)
So awesome
Sure good to be able to continue browsing these here pages....:grouphug:
Thanks the Gods indeed.... I too like some were worried... it took until I read TMBTM's blog to put my fears to rest. Great to see back, and huge thanks to all the admins and mods for keeping the site running Smile
LastSurvivor Wrote:until I read TMBTM's blog to put my fears to rest.

[Image: you-read-my-blog.jpg]
No. No. No. No. Yes.
Hi All!

Thank you for your patience. Just to fill you in, the site has grown quite popular and as such, the resources on our shared server were a bit heavy so the host shut us down. We have implemented some optimizations based on the host's recommendations. We will monitor how this affects our usage but if it goes down again, no need to panic.

You can always subscribe to our Twitter account or FaceBook page for updates in cases of FE emergency Smile
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