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Full Version: Kal-El's Fanedit Covers & Posters
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I'm nowhere near as proficient a Photoshop artist as for example bionicbob and Rogue-theX, but practice makes perfect I suppose :-)

Here's a poster I made for laughs for DigMod his Dark Knight Rises: Amended Edition.

[Image: p79Wz6Pep]

And this is a cover I made for tranzor his Late Night TV The Thing cut. All credit to JJE-187 here, as I simply took his original cover and tweaked it a bit.

[Image: 1vJr93e.png]
The Batman one has a fun old vhs feel to me.

The Thing is very cool.

I only see x's Sad Was interested in his improvement of my cover lol
I only see the cover for The Thing.
[MENTION=8853]JJE-187[/MENTION] what about in your own cover thread? Do you see it there? I spoilered it because I didn't want to hijack your thread. [MENTION=5948]Frantic Canadian[/MENTION] can't be my fault if [MENTION=4677]bionicbob[/MENTION] can see them :-P
I can't see either of them.
Don't know why but imageshack is acting up as well, I think. Might be the cause right there... Does anyone know of a good (free) alternative? Not really a fan of the 'new look' imageshack that is specifically designed to keep pushing 'upgrade now' prompts in my face...
Been using imgur lately.
Thanks [MENTION=6348]TV's Frink[/MENTION]. Will reupload them there :-)
I've been using imgur as well.
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