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Full Version: Bionic Covers
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For Skyflix's awesome GL edit!

[Image: px8l.jpg]
Musiced's Serenity Chronicles....

[Image: 4f61f6.jpg]
My first ever created cover!

[Image: 0uy1.jpg]
Mark Moore's Transformers.... sort of tried to go for a retro-vhs cover design.... don't know if I quite succeeded....

[Image: 3gv6.jpg]
Musiced's upcoming sequel....

[Image: 3XAaSj.jpg]
Unfinished covers.... just ideas I was tossing around in anticipation of TM2YC Star Trek edit....

[Image: d5a495.jpg]

[Image: 90d6d6.jpg]
My eternal gratitude to my own personal Dr. Rudy Wells -- Rogue-theX who created the template and did the covers for CYBORG 1 thru 5. Smile

[Image: Wo4gde.jpg]
A big THANK YOU to [MENTION=24292]TM2YC[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7878]hebrides[/MENTION] for creating the hi-res imageSmile
[Image: aOTyOx.jpg]
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