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Well, now that the first season's over and a second season is coming (next summer... sigh), it's time for a thread on TNT's terrific two-fisted adventure show The Last Ship.

We just got two great new cast members in Alfre Woodard and Titus Welliver! And my half-joking prediction that the season would end with some of the plague corpses coming back as zombies has proved groundless... so far.

At least next season will have 13 eps, compared to this one's 10.

See you all on the high seas! Or in Baltimore. Which continues to be a craphole. Some places just can't catch a break!
I quite enjoyed the first season. It's been said that the ship should be called the USS Schmaltz though. Smile
season two trailer....

Um... so, I don't have anything particularly deep to say here or anything, apart from that this show continues to kick all kinds of ass. Hooyah! :-D
Anyone else watching this third season? Last week's episode was so epic, and ended on such a big cliffhanger, that I had to double-check it wasn't the finale. (And, hooyah, the show's already been renewed for a fourth season.) Even when the effects budget isn't all there, the writers certainly haven't been afraid to tell a big, sprawling story, and this year's co-Big Bad has been the Chinese head of state in a way a major-budget action movie wouldn't dream of attempting these days. (Maybe it's producer Michael Bay atoning for kissing up to the Party in Transformers 4?) We've also gotten more politics in general this season, with lots of screen time spent in and around the St. Louis White House, a move that allows for both cheap, talky indoor filming and a bigger, more expansive story. (Another fun bit: the Chinese government HQ building was also used for a similarly Asian-themed location on an Agents of SHIELD ep last season.)

In short, good stuff all around, and I'm definitely intrigued to see what kind of bigger-stakes Big Bad they come up with next season. There may not be masked vigilantes with code names, but in terms of storytelling, this is a 100% serialized genre show with sci-fi elements that blows the storytelling of Arrow S3-4 out of the water, no pun intended. And it's one hell of a ride.
Somehow I always miss the first run of this show.... just finished binging season three and now PVRing season four.

This is an excellent show!  Solid plotting, great characters, excellent action pacing and best of all, it has a real strong emotional core.  Yes, it is a Michael Bay production, so it has that slick, polished look but is million times better written than any Bay movie.  
It may be a bit schmaltzy... it is very John Wayne in all the best ways possible -- it is earnest and heartfelt.  I often get the FEELS while watching.  It works as a fun adventure series but also has a great deal of substance and social commentary.  In some respects, it has an old skool Star Trek vibe to it.  In fact, I hope the new series Discovery emulates this series more than Game of Thrones the way producers have been promoting it.

Time to start season four....
Little more than a week til the return of this underrated action/adventure gem...


Season four was a bit weaker, the restraints of its smaller budget really shown through this previous season.  But still, lots a solid character beats and wonderfully edited action.   Still better than most big screen blockbusters.

Being the final season, hopefully these endearing characters get the proper send off they deserve. Smile
Am currently rewatching the show (just started S2) in preparation for my first viewing of last year's S4. Smile
The NATHAN JAMES is back, baby!!!

Great season premiere.... solid, economical storytelling quickly brings the audience up to speed after a 3 year time jump and sets up the threat for the remainder of the final season.  We lose some beloved shipmates in a Pearl Harbour-style attack (FEELS!!!) and once again, the Nathan James is the Last Ship -- going off the grid, searching for food and ammunition, in its quest to save the Free World.

As always the perfect balance of schmaltz and earnestness, without becoming too jingoistic.  

After rewatching seasons 1-4 in preparation of this final season, I have come to the conclusion that this is one of best produced adventure shows in the last decade or more.  Truly an under rated gem of a show.  (much like THE EXPANSE..)

A nice behinds the scenes featurette I think my fellow editors will appreciate.   Can anyone identify the Editing Program they are using...?

This show has some amazing TV to Movie fan edit potential.

It seems somehow appropriate that the NATHAN JAMES went to Davey Jone's locker on November 11th.

A solid, riveting finale which expertly hit all the right emotional buttons and left this viewer feeling very satisfied.   Though, as with most Last Ship episodes, it is only after the ride is over and you take a moment to think about what you watched that you begin to see the many plot holes lol.  And there are many, many plot holes throughout the series and in this finale particular.  But you know what?  I don't care.  It was a great ride!   And I stand by my claim that this is one of the best adventure shows television has produced in last decade.

It is amazing what this show achieved.  Each new season the producers raised the stakes and scale, while their budget clearly decreased.  It forced them to tell their stories economically and strategically.   There is no filler in this series, it all story and plot, which constantly moves and evolves.   And it is all grounded with an amazing cast of characters that you can not help but like, care about and root for.

The final season was not perfect.   It was too Chandler-centric.   Almost all the rest of the cast has no significant arc, though if you have watched since season one, each one does get a moment to shine and bow.  The villains were under developed and Chandler's white whale quest, while it does have a pay off, it is not what the audience expects.

It was a very entertaining final season.   And unlike many shows of this era, it is highly rewatchable.

I give the series as a whole an A-,
and the final season a solid B

What did you think  ?
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