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Full Version: The Strain
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Is anyone else watching this?  It's keeping me entertained.

I've been trying to puzzle out the old man's words:  sabia mea fredonaza argint, which I assume are Romanian.  At first, I thought that sabia was like Spanish saber (to know) or perhaps sabor (taste), but now I think it's more likely to mean sword (cf. sabre).  Perhaps fredonaza = Italian freddo.

[Feel] my cold silver sword?

EDIT: My sword sings of silver.
i watched the first episode. Thought a lot of the dialog very cliche. I have the other episodes on my Tivo but I haven't gotten around to watching them yet.
I am really enjoying this series. It's actually motivated me to read the books it is based on.

I do find that it does have a few cliches and I really think it has to do with also trying to spread this season over 13 episodes. This would probably be a very strong 6-8 episode storyline. Overall, my fiance and I find it to be a good substitute to hold us over until Walking Dead comes back!
What did people think of the season II finale?

I'm really going to miss Nora.  :-(  She added a touch of warm and was one my favorite characters in a show in which I find more likeable ones than normal.  Is Mia Maestro in anything else that's good?
Great horror serie, i don't have much with vampires stuff but i must say this has great effects.