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Full Version: Star Wars Rip Offs
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I'm working on an article about films that openly ripped-off Star Wars -- Not parodies per se but films that really took a lot from Lucas's Space Opera.

Thinking: THE HUMANOID, STAR CRASH, etc. Any other suggestions?
Turkish Star Wars
The Hidden Fortress... Oh, crap. :grin:
That's right -- Turkish Star Wars, Brazilian Star Wars... Keep 'em coming.
Hyperspace AKA Gremloids
1 used & new available from $118.78 - WTF?
if you like i have a VHS copy (Original not pirated) that you can have for the super cheap one off special fan editor discount price of $65 Wink

seriously though its pretty easy to find, have a look around or PM if you dont get anywhere.

This is so awesome, I want to see this movie! (I love the part with the C3PO's)
Thanks for the offer nOmArch -- found a good copy of this via torrents. Very fun!
...everyone is thinking it...

the phantom menace
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