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Full Version: Discounted upgrade deal for Vegas Movie Studio users
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Faneditors who use Movie Studio should check out this link (or launch Movie Studio and follow the link included in the Net Notify window that opens up). Magix are offering a deal (sure to expire soon) where you can upgrade to Movie Studio Platinum Suite 13 for $99 rather than $139, and receive a free upgrade to version 14 when it releases later this month.

As it's a download-only option, the link above can be used to order from anywhere in the world, so if you're outside the US you can still benefit from the discount.
If you are a student or work at a verified public education institution (K-12 or post secondary) you may also be eligible for an academic version. I was able to purchase Movie Studio Platinum 13 (movie studio platinum and DVD architect 7.0) for $27 last week from B&H.

All Vegas products are available all the way up to pro versions at student discounts.
$27 is stupid cheap. You're crazy if you're a student and you don't jump on that. Then again, PBR is cheaper...
I did a quick search and it looks like the price went up at B&H but I'm seeing it for around $36 around the web. Again, for the academic version.

Slightly off topic but still in the vein of good deals on software, almost the entire Autodesk suite is free to students and public education staff as well. Sadly, autodesk's Smoke video editing program is only for mac, but 3DS Max and others are available which can be great resources for video editing.
I received an email today with my download links for Movie Studio 14, including the now-retitled Vegas DVD Architect. It seems there are no longer Studio and Pro versions of DVD Architect, so hopefully this means the new version is more fully-featured (chiefly my frustration with DVD architect studio is its lack of support for multiple audio tracks and insistence on re-encoding 24fps video streams, but I have workarounds for both issues so it could be worse...)
I'll be slightly annoyed if that's the case because part of the reason I broke down and bought Pro was to get the pro version of Architect.

But only slightly because Studio (presumably still) doesn't include masking.
(02-01-2017, 07:34 PM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: [ -> ]$27 is stupid cheap. You're crazy if you're a student and you don't jump on that. Then again, PBR is cheaper...

Hey speaking of PBR, I learned something interesting. Apparently, "Pabst" stands for "punk ass bitch, suck this".
I'm making a blu ray disc as we speak and it seems that my movie studio platinum purchase has the pro version of architect. At least it lets me do a 5.1 blu ray disc unlike my old platinum version.